The Incomparable Kecak Fire Dance In Bali, Indonesia

Kecak Fire Dance

Photograph courtesy of Angeli C. Picazo (October 04, 2013)

Keyak is the adaptation of the ancient ceremony called Sanghiyang that was used to purify a village when there was an epidemic. The Balinese dance used to be performed by male dancers until 2006 when women kayak dancers were allowed. The nightly performance brings a lot of tourists from the resorts in Bali to the southern tip of the island in time for the show.

All of us, locals and tourists alike were seated in a circle as we waited for the Fire Dance. It started at about 5 PM when there was still enough light. Everybody was eager to watch the fire dance and we could hear shutters clicking as the ancient ceremony started. Surprisingly, there were no musical instruments that typically accompanied cultural dances. A chorus of 70 men told the story and provided the sound effects through chattering cak-cak sounds.

I loved the performance that was filled with spirituality. It was a combination of humor, dance, chanting and drama which was really amazing. The cultural dance has a complicated plot with twists and turns that are associated with our favorite TV series. From what I understand, a woman is stolen by the devil from the husband. The husband and the brother face all sorts of challenges to rescue the woman. As the sun sets, the story is build to a climax wherein the monkey king sets the castle on fire. It is a very dramatic moment with the orange flames and the embers in the middle of the stage.


Photograph courtesy of Angeli C. Picazo (October 04, 2013)

The Kecak Fire Dance is a traditional Balinese ritual but it was actually created by a German, Walter Spies in the 1930’s and was based on the popular Hindu story of Ramayana. The cultural dance is now internationally popular because of the tours that have been arranged for the Balinese groups. However what makes the Fire Dance extra special and different is the chorus of human voice composed of men that sways, sits, stands up and lies prone on the ground as the story develops.

Top Considerations In Buying Suzuki Bikes In UK

Top Considerations In Buying Suzuki Bikes In UK

Suzuki is one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. This Japanese company started creating bikes in 1909 and until now, they remain to be a popular choice among bike aficionados and bike users around the world. Suzuki bikes are considered to be a world leader in motorcycle innovation and its models and units timeless, elegant and reliable. You can find several models of Suzuki bikes in UK, both from online and offline sources. To help you decide which type of Suzuki motorcycle you are going to purchase, take a look at the following points.


Before you buy a unit, it is only right for you to know more about the product. Get the important details such as fuel consumption, built-in electronics and more importantly, the reviews about the bike. Instead of focusing on a single unit, it would be best for you to research on other available Suzuki bikes in UK. The more models and brands you check, the more comprehensive your choice would be. Choose a model suits your lifestyle and how you intend to use it. It would also be better if you would do a test drive on the unit to determine if it is the motorcycle for you.


If you have enough money, it would always be preferable to purchase the unit in cash so you no longer have to worry about monthly payments. However, if you have limited budget, you can ask the dealer for any available payment options. It is also important to note that there are other things that you need to spend on apart from the motorcycle unit. You also have to pay for the tax, insurances, motorcycle gears and optional accessories.

Brand new vs. second hand

Another consideration in buying Suzuki bikes in UK is whether you are going to buy a brand new one or second hand. You can be sure with a brand new unit but it is more expensive than second hand bike. A used motorcycle is cheaper but you have to thoroughly check the unit to ensure of its excellent condition.

Benefits Of Colorbond Fence Installation In Perth

Benefits Of Colorbond Fence Installation In Perth

There are two main reasons for installing a strong fence around your perimeter and that is to protect your property and improve the aesthetic value of your house. The good news is that you can have both with colorbond fence installation in Perth. Colorbond is a pre-painted steel product specifically used for walls and perimeter fences. It is made of high quality steel and has passed through strict international standards. The installation of colorbond on your fence includes fixing ports, panels and other finishing products. To know the benefits of having this product on your fence, take a look at the following points.


Colorbond fence is developed by experts to last. It is made to resist corrosion and rusting unlike chain fencing or iron materials. Wood fencing can also be consumed by termites. Colorbond fencing is also proven to be fire and heat resistant making it suitable for properties that are located in areas that are prone to bushfires.


Because of its durability, you do away with replacing your fence every after few years. With colorbond fence installation in Perth, you get to save money in the long run making it more affordable than installing cheaper materials that would require repairs and major wall renovation after some time. The installation of colorbond fence requires expertise and skills so make sure that you hire qualified installers that can do the job properly.

Easy to maintain

Colorbond is made with seamless finish making it easy to clean and maintain unlike other porous or corrosive materials. You do not need special equipment or materials just to have it cleaned. In fact, you just have to leave it since rain can easily wash away dust without the need for you to regularly clean the fence.

Impressive appearance

Another reason why a colorbond fence installation in Perth is beneficial to your property is due to its impressive appearance when properly installed. Your fence will not only serve as a sentinel of your home, it will also serve to beauty the overall appearance of your property. Choose the suitable colour to blend your house painting.

Easy Ways To Find American Restaurants in Bangkok

Easy Ways To Find American Restaurants in Bangkok

Travelling to exciting locations such as Thailand can be overwhelming especially if it is your first time. You can get lost or stumble upon great shops and other wondrous sites that you only see on magazines and TV shows. While doing your entire adventure trip in Thailand, at some point you will get hungry and look for restaurants that will fill your tummy. Being one of the top destinations in Asia, Thailand has countless bars and restaurants that will delight foodies like you. However, if you are looking for specific dishes such as burgers and potato fries, you should then look for American restaurants in Bangkok to satisfy your cravings. Here are some tips:

Utilize maps and online sources

If you are not familiar with Bangkok, the internet would be your best friend. You can utilize online maps as they provide accurate information of restaurants near you including its specific address and your distance from the restaurant. You can also check on blogs and other online sources to give you addresses and also recommendations on American restaurants in Bangkok to check out. You can also check on review sites for American restaurants to watch out for or to avoid.

Ask the locals

If you want to get immediate answers while roaming the streets of Bangkok, ask the locals for they surely know which restaurants they can recommend with confidence. Locals always make it a point to impress foreign guests to their country and one way to do it is to lead foreigners to establishments that they can be sure to deliver. You can validate the information by checking the restaurant online for reviews.

Stroll around

One of the best ways to find a gem of a restaurant is to go for a walk around Bangkok until you come across with American restaurants in Bangkok that suits you. Do this when you are not yet hungry so you won’t eat at the first restaurant that you come across with. Doing this would make you hit two birds with one stone. You were able to enjoy the local sights and sounds while finding a restaurant that will satisfy your cravings.

Hot Air Advertising: Literally Above The Competition

Hot Air Advertising: Literally Above The Competition

Advertising’s important; it can make or break a sales attempt or the launch of a new product. It goes without saying, that any advantage you can get over the competition is important. Bigger is better, anything to help you rise above the competition. So, naturally, some people take it to the logical conclusion: an advertising blimp. No better way to make sure that your branded merchandise gets noticed than by having it be seen every time someone looks up, right?

Granted, it’s not a ridiculous idea, it’s quite common, especially in big events like NASCAR or the Super Bowl, but the ways it’s been used have been getting crazier in recent years. Take this one, for example. The Hendrick’s Gin’s Hendrick’s Air blimp; a 130-foot long cucumber blimp with the company’s logo plastered across it. Granted, it’s no Goodyear Blimp, which averages at about 190 feet, but it’s still quite the sight.

Especially when you fly it so close to the cities.

The Hendrick’s Air campaign, to put it simply, was a bold summer advertising made by Hendrick’s Gin 2 years ago, in 2015. I read about it looking through some bold advertising ideas, and the cucumber blimp certainly fits that. If not in size, then in location. The blimp flew at 35 miles per hour across America, with some lucky enthusiasts coming along for the coast-to-coast ride. The blimp flew below 1000-feet, as shown in this image, close to the city skyscrapers of Los Angeles, San Fran, etc., before finally stopping, with a party no less, at Chicago’s Galleria Marchetti.

It’s some bold advertising, flying so low to the skyscrapers. Imagine how many people looked out their office windows and saw a giant cucumber. Not every day that happens; blimps aren’t too rare, but that close? It was something else to say the least.

Now, whilst other companies, like the aforementioned Goodyear, haven’t been flying their blimps so close to office skyscrapers, they have been using them creatively to advertise their branded merchandise, with stunts like a drive-in theatre where the show is played on the blimp’s side, things like that.

It makes one wonder what kind of advertising stunt companies have in mind for their blimps. In such a scenario, better have a camera ready when you look up.

Lowe’s Uses Virtual Reality Initiative To Attract The Interest Of Consumers

Lowe’s Uses Virtual Reality Initiative To Attract The Interest Of Consumers

According to Lowe’s, a home improvement warehouse, homeowners can renovate their bathrooms through virtual reality. For the past few weeks, customers of Lowe’s experienced how bathroom tiles can be installed without getting the hands full of cement and grout.

Lowe’s Framington allowed customers to use an HTC Vive virtual reality headset for 20 minutes inside a small enclosure where they can interact with a 3D representation of a bathroom. Customers are given detailed instructions on how bathrooms are tiles are installed, when cement should be mixed and how tiles will be laid.

The actual objective of the virtual reality experience is to provide an immersive digital tutorial to customers who are interested in learning do-it-yourself (DIY) skills. According to Kyle Nel, executive director of Lowe’s Innovation Labs, people no longer know how to do DIY projects because the skill set is no longer being passed from generation to generation like in the past decades.

Lowe’s VR bathroom fixing initiative is part of the company’s campaign to incorporate virtual reality in their stores to attract more customers. The technology is expected to be launched at Lowe’s Canada stores in Quebec and Toronto. Eventually the home improvement company will introduce a similar virtual reality experience to customers in US stores.

Similar to other big name retailers like Macy’s and Kohl’s, Lowe’s was hurt financially by people’s propensity to purchase online. Its 3rd quarter earnings showed a decrease in the number of people visiting their brick and mortar stores. Last February, Lowe’s announced that it will lay off more than 500 employees a month after 2,400 workers were supposed to lose their jobs. Lowe’s hopes that its new virtual reality initiative and other similar projects will regain interest and traffic to their brick and mortar stores. So far, it has improved retention and made people more confident of using their DIY skills.

On the other hand, if DIY projects are not really your passion, you have the option of Perth Home Designers: Lucy J Design to provide a professionally designed bathroom that will comply with all Australian standards and regulations. All bathrooms come with 6 years warranty on workmanship.

Country Canvas Commerce: Money Through Expression And Art

Country Canvas Commerce: Money Through Expression And Art

Photographs are big. Now that may sound like an extremely obvious thing to point out, but it’s well worth being reminded of the fact that not everything old has been eclipsed by technology and development, rather, that they have been elevated alongside it. A picture’s worth a thousand words? Post it with your Facebook status. Photography has become more prominent in the digital age, with many sites promoting self-expression on the internet via photographs. Bar the negative internet stereotype of such sites, they really do promote photography, and the pursuit of seeking that perfect shot that shows what you feel.

Of course, one has to admit, technology has given us more creative ways to make a profit, and this canvas print UK is a good example. Not just of how technology has helped people expressing themselves make a profit out of their passion, but of how traditional and technological can merge into a thing of beauty. If you pay attention to the canvas print, it’s the London skyline, with a bridge a little bit to the left side of the image. Dotted across the image are skyscrapers, but placed neatly alongside them are the more traditional towers of the older London architecture. This shows a harmonious duality of the city; of how the old and new can work together. Look up aerial views of the Parliament houses and you’ll see modern architecture alongside it and in the background.

Now, I mentioned how technology has helped people pursuing their passion procure a profit. For those curious, this canvas print UK is size-based on cost. There are several measurements, with the smallest, 8″ by 10″ costing about £ 60, or approximately $ 73. Custom measurements will set you back by around £ 400 or close to $ 500. That’s a lot of cash to fork over for a photo printout. I’m sure that the photographer and the company that printed this canvas print is happy about that pricing.

It shows that photography is a booming business, and that being a creative individual at heart has profitable applications all over the world. Of course, since a canvas print UK of a double negative image of an anime character costing for $50, there’s definitely a market for creative products.

Culinary Adventure On The Restaurants Of Bangkok

Culinary Adventure On The Restaurants Of Bangkok

Bangkok is a cosmopolitan city in Southeast Asia that is popular for its authentic cuisine. Menus in restaurants have diverse offerings that include Italian, French, Chinese, American, seafood and vegetarian but never miss the opportunity to taste exotic Thai delicacies. Food is abundant in the streets; street vendors are literally everywhere. If you want to dine in style in an elegant setting, there are restaurants that can satisfy your culinary cravings.

Sukhumvit Road is an upper class district in Bangkok where the best restaurants can be found. Some restaurants can be enjoyed best at night because they allow you an amazing view of the city. Aside from traditional steaks, the high-end restaurants serve authentic Thai cuisine matched with a selection of wines with local flavour. Don’t miss the traditional Som Tum (spicy green unripe papaya salad with different flavours), Gaeng Daeng (red curry) and the iconic Pad Thai (fried noodles with freshly ground peanuts) that is known all over the world.

At Khao San Road, you will find the best vegetarian restaurants of the city. A popular choice for vegetarians is organic food that comes with extra cost. International cuisine is also available but since you are in Bangkok, why will you miss the opportunity to taste Thai vegetarian food? Food carts are commonplace in some restaurants and a few of them serve the authentic Thai delicacy that is very rare you won’t find it any other place.

Bangkok has its own Chinatown if you have a fondness for sharks’ fin and birds’ nest. There is a high concentration of Chinese restaurants in the area offering a huge banquet with exotic offerings. You will be spoilt for choice here because all the offerings are excellent and have won numerous awards.

One of the easiest places that a tourist will find in Bangkok is authentic Thai restaurant in Sukhumvit because it is close to public transportation. It offers a culinary experience that you will never encounter anywhere else. The best of Thai dishes remain true to their original ingredients but a few twists and tricks have been added to elevate its authenticity.