3 Main Types Of HCG Supplement

HCG supplement is an in demand slimming product in the market nowadays. HCG supplements can be purchased online, from physician’s clinic especially those that administers HCG injection and also from local pharmaceuticals. HCG is highly popular because it is proven to cut down extra weight while remaining to be within your financial reach. HCG can be taken in three different methods. These three main applications are the following:

  1. HCG drops
  2. HCG injections
  3. Homeopathic HCG drops

More dieters prefer HCG drops and those that are injected because of practical reasons while the homeopathic type of HCG is the least choice. Of the three types of HCG supplement, the homeopathic type is the cheapest. The exact amount of HCG content is not also indicated in its labels making dieters question the efficacy of the product. Homeopathic HCG drops are not FDA approved. In fact, they are not allowed to be distributed thereby making this type of HCG illegal. The HCG content is not indicated on the label so buyers and consumers will never know what exactly the ingredients for this product are.  Homeopathic dieters also take more drops just to compensate the small amount of hormone in every drop.

Another type of HCG supplement is taken through injection. However, there are some known disadvantages of injectible HCG. One of these disadvantages is inconvenience. Dieters need to go to a clinic for the administration of HCG injection. Some people are also not comfortable with the sight of blood or needles no matter how small the amount may be. The numerous trips to the doctor’s clinic are also an additional fuel cost for the dieter.

Among the three types of HCG supplement, HCG drops are the safest and most preferred by users. HCG drops are also approved by FDA and are proven safe and effective by researches. HCG drops are made from natural ingredients and are way cheaper than the injectable type. You can easily take HCG drops whenever needed and wherever you are because taking it is convenient.  The ideal calorie intake for HCG dieters is 500-550 along with light exercise.