3 Tips In Hiring A Phuket Airport Shuttle Service

If you are travelling to Thailand anytime soon, one of the things that you would have to book is your hotel where you are going to stay and of course, a Phuket airport shuttle service that will take you from the airport down to your hotel. There are numerous service providers in Phuket for transfers and you will not have a hard time finding one. You can Find companies with limousines for rent, SUVs, shuttles service and all sorts of vehicles for your needs. Most of these car rental companies in Bangkok have websites that you can refer to in order to check their products and services. To hire the right one, take a look at these tips.

Look for deals

Hiring a vehicle for airport transfers might be a little bit higher than renting a taxi or a car rental at the airport but you can be sure with this method. To lower down the costs, look for customer deals when you visit the website of the Phuket airport shuttle service provider.  Visit at least three service providers to get the average cost of hiring a vehicle or getting a shuttle service. Aside from the rates, take a look at the vehicles used by the company for customer transfers.

Provides related transport services

Aside from airport transfers, look for a company that offers other related service such as day tours to tourist spots and nearby attractions. If you are familiar with the streets of Phuket or even if you are not, if you are in for a road adventure, it would be best if the company can rent out a car for you. In other words, look for a car company that can provide various services related to your transport needs while you are in Phuket.

With positive service review

Lastly, choose a Phuket airport shuttle service provider that has positive feedback from its customers. You can check the service provider’s website for customer reviews or you can also check from third party sites for customer reviews and discussions on boards.