4 Features To Look For In A Hotel Co-Working Space In Bangkok

If you are working independently online or if you are one of those lucky employees who are allowed to work out of office, then you must have heard of hotel co-working space in Bangkok or in other popular districts such as Sukhumvit. A co working space is actually a lounge bar that is offered to customers during daytime as working space, study area or mainly to do activities that require high speed internet access and conducive environment. If you want to try a co-working space, search for hotels or lounge bars that offer the service to users with the following features.

Comfortable and luxurious working space

A co working space is not your typical working area because it has luxurious sofa and comfortable cushioned seats that will help you relax and get motivated with work. The place has suitable lighting which is not too bright nor is it dim. The lighting is a combination of artificial lighting fixture and natural daylight.

Money-saving deals

One of the reasons why a hotel co-working space in Bangkok is in demand around the city is because of its affordability in spite of the luxury and comfort that the place offers. You can get free tea or coffee and complimentary snacks if you use the area with a minimum of four hours. You can also get 10% discount on food, beverages and even on accommodations if you use the area.

Food and beverage bar

What makes the area even more interesting to work at is you can order your favourite drinks or dishes while working on a report or presentation. The food and beverages comes with 10% discount as mentioned earlier, making the experience an affordable one.

Clean and conducive

The good thing about working in a hotel co-working space in Bangkok is they are guaranteed to be clean and conducive working environment for professionals like you. It comes with free speedy internet access along with power outlets and charging stations for laptops and electronic gadgets. The place is also quiet and you will be working in an area with breath taking view of downtown Bangkok.