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Rodney M VinsonRodney Vinson. Editor- Sharing My Light

Photographs are powerful mediums of communication because it is able to convey an emotion, an experience and an inspiration which cannot be conveyed by a thousand words. An image can deeply affect a viewer because a photograph has the ability to hit you like a kick in the gut. But sometimes the photograph is so moving and disturbing that the photographer takes pain to edit the images so as not to overwhelm the audience.

We at Share The Light are a community of people who are passionate about photography. We offer the best venue for photo stories you want to share with a global audience. Our site has different categories you can choose from to help your photo stories get seen by our audience where you can gain your biggest support. Your photo stories will be published to our audience if you give us your permission. It is our goal to help photographers to become better understood through different images that can be seen, admired, shared and saved.

When creating your photo blog, there are some suggestions you should consider:

• Before you choose a category, make sure you have a purpose for your photo blog. Will it be a showcase of your high quality images or do you want to tell the story behind the photograph?

• When you write your narrative, make sure to consider the number of images that you will use because it might affect loading time and you might lose your audience.

• When building your photo blog, it is important to build recognizable file names that will help you track your images.

• Take time to build your photo story and interact with your audience when your blog gets comments. This will help build your community.

• It is also important to connect with other photographers and learn what images work with different audiences.

We want you to be a part of our community. Take your time to know more about our site. If you have any questions, we would be glad to help. Feel free to contact us through email so that we can explain our guidelines. We look forward to seeing you around.