Advantages Of Ceramic Planters

Hanging plants is a good hobby. Having plants around boosts your immune system because of the health benefits it provides and it also adds beauty to the area. It also calms the nerves, just like any hobby. This and many more benefits can be had by engaging in planting whether as a hobby or simply because you want to add value to your place.

To encase your plants, you can choose pots and planters of various shapes and sizes over the internet and in your local gardening shops. There are pots made of copper, ceramic planters, industrial in design, clay and many more. Among the different types of planters, ceramic is one of the most preferred types. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • Ceramics have thick walls that protect the plants from rapid changes in temperature which can be harmful. It protects the plants from heat during the summer and keeps the moisture within to prolong moisture in the plant.
  • Another advantage of ceramic planters is that they come in heavier weight compared to other types. Because of this, they cannot be toppled easily with strong winds and minor, unintentional bumping.
  • With its heavy weight, it can withstand the growth of the plants. Even if the plant gets heavier as it grows, a ceramic planter can still keep up because it is heavier than the plant.
  • Ceramic plants can provide a better habitat for plants especially when unglazed. Because ceramic is porous, it allows air and moisture to penetrate the walls thereby giving more life to the plant.
  • Ceramics also absorbs excess water and moisture from the plants if it is unglazed. There are plants that thrive more with water so for this purpose, choose glazed or painted ceramic planter for the plant to benefit more from the water instead of getting the water absorbed by the planter.

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