Art Collection For Personal Satisfaction With An Investor’s Mind

Investing in art is not for everyone. While a piece of art can be considered as an asset that you can appreciate and enjoy, there is no guarantee that it will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars after a few decades. If personal enjoyment is your objective in buying art, make sure to consider the proper ways to preserve your art collection.


The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci is the most famous Christian artwork in history. It has been copied, printed and reproduced for thousands if not millions of times. It is very unlikely that an original artwork as famous and remarkable as the Last Supper will be auctioned because its rarity will command a highly exorbitant price. With limited funds, you can always get a quality reproduction or a printed copy that you can display on the walls of your home.

How to preserve an art collection

It is extremely important to keep the piece of art away from direct sunlight and sources of heat like fireplaces and boilers. When UV rays hit a painting, the top layer is subjected to more heat than the lower layers of paint. This can lead to evaporation and cracking and rippling of the canvas. Even artificial light like fluorescent bulbs emit UV radiation. Heat also causes subsequent cracking of paint.

The best environment for a painting is a dry place with moderate heat. Make sure though that the painting will be not be subjected to dust and dirt because they can degrade the image. If you think the painting requires cleaning, consult with a professional who can assess the condition of the piece of art. Always remember that even the slightest blemish or scratch on the painting will affect its value in the future. Who knows, the painting might be worth a fortune after a few decades?

Buying art whether individual pieces or a whole collection can be time consuming. You need to have each piece appraised professionally and independently. However, there is Fine art dealer that will educate you on the right piece of art that will suit your taste and requirements.