Things To Do And Places To See In Rayong

Things To Do And Places To See In Rayong

Rayong is a recent discovery for tourists in Thailand, only having been considered a worthy destination in the past couple of years. Most of the time, the people that come through here or book hotel suites in Rayong are only on their way to the more popular destinations nearby. But that’s been changing.

And here’s some of the attractions and activities that explain why.

Island adventure

There are many tiny islands outside Rayong, like the popular KohSamet. The islands are far enough from the capital to feel totally different, but close enough to be a good weekend destination. It’s fairly common for people to book hotel suites in Rayong just to get to the islands, which is no surprise as they’re great for water activities, with nature and traditional culture that’s remained mostly untouched for years.

Getting to Koh Samet is as simple as paying 100 Baht for a ferry, while the other islands needs a bit more investment, with speedboats that can carry 5 to 20 people costing anywhere from 3,500 to 6,500 Baht, depending on the size of the vessel and the number of people.

Zip line fun

Rayong has, hidden amidst its verdant greenery, one of the longest zip lines in all of Asia. Ok, it used to be the longest, but someone went and one-upped it, but it’s still a marvel, with a total length of 3 kilometres, sending daring travellers zooming past the tree-filled hillsides. If you’re not the type to be scared of heights, the zip line’s just a few kilometres from Mae Rampheung Beach, about 10 minutes of driving.

The Princess’s Garden

A garden attraction presented to Her Royal Highness Princess MahaChakriSirindhorn on 18 April 1985, this wonderful slice of peace was established by the PTT Public Company Limited (PTT), with work on it taking a year to complete. The 60-rai garden bears the name of the princess it was given to, and received more plants in honor of the princess’s 50th Birthday Anniversary, back in 2006. A place to visit for those who enjoy greenery and herbs, it’s located on Highways No. 36 and No. 3191, in the NikhomPhatthana sub-district.

See some seafood.

Rayong is known for being a fisherman’s haven, and it stands to reason that there’s quite a few seafood restaurants in the region. It’s the country’s biggest fishing port, so many don’t consider a trip to Rayong, an actual trip to Rayong before sampling some of the seafood, in places like Ban Phe, or Mae Rampheung Beach Road.

Step By Step Tips To Prepare Parcel For International Courier

Step By Step Tips To Prepare Parcel For International Courier

It is very important to package the item to be packed carefully, when sending it through courier. Items which are not carefully packaged using the right materials end up being damaged during the transportation.

Here is a step by step guide that helps me pack the items for international courier and ensure their safe delivery

  1. Choose a double walled cardboard box or wooden box. The box should be big enough to accommodate the item and should have enough gap on all the sides. Cardboard and wooden boxes for packing things for international courier are available in different sizes. Always choose a new box as used boxes tend to get damaged easily during transportation.
  2. Take a bubble wrap or any other protective material and wrap the item to be couriered and also place the protective materials inside the box to fill any loose gaps around the items. This protective wrapping helps to ensure the safety of the items during international courier and prevents the items moving excessively inside the box. Consider the mode of transport taken by the parcel, if the parcel is sent by air, provide enough space to accommodate the expansion of bubble wrap and other bubble products.
  3. Seal the edges of the box using a good quality tape. Ensure to tape all the edges with the tape to prevent damage.
  4. Delicate items or high value items can also be double boxed for added protection during transportation. Placing the cardboard box containing the item inside a bigger box is known as double boxing.
  5. Once the packaging is done, check the weight of the parcel. Most of the courier companies charge by weight.
  6. Remove all the previous addresses and details on the cardboard box, in case of using a second hand box for packaging.
  7. Now write the delivery address and other details on the parcel. Enquire the international courier company about their requirements regarding the address. Some companies give a barcode label to attach to the parcel. Stick two copies of the address and two copies of the barcode label for added security.
  8. The next step is to take the parcel to the preferred international courier company and pay the necessary fees and hand over the parcel.
Reasons Why Your EIN Application Might Get Rejected

Reasons Why Your EIN Application Might Get Rejected

If you’ve started a new business in Ohio, the IRS requires that you get your hands on a Ohio business tax ID, an EIN. It’s basically your business’  Social Security Number, which you’ll need if you’re business will be banking, making changes to an existing LLC, has any plans to hire employees or need a line of credit. Now, of course, you’ll want to do everything you can to get one, but, sometimes, you might get slapped  with a reference number 101 error. Here are some of the common offenders.

Entity Name Conflict

If your business’ name isn’t exactly unique and the IRS bumps into one that’s similar or the same, you might be denied an EIN. Limited Liability Companies and corporations can’t file articles of organization or incorporation, and they can’t get an EIN until they set up a unique entity name for themselves for that state.

Multiple States

The application for an EIN will ask you for the address and the state in several different places. The problem pops up if the business is incorporated in a different place than where it’s physically located, which has a chance of causing a 101 error due to the fact that there are multiple states listed on your application. The IRS will have to check each state to ensure that your entity name of choice in each state is unique before handing you your EIN.

Electronic numbers

If you’ve already got your EIN online, then you can’t use your number to get other EINs electronically. If you’re wondering if your Ohio business tax ID was acquired online, you just need to check the first two digits in the sequence. Your EIN was acquired online if it starts with any of the following pairs:

  • 47
  • 46
  • 45
  • 27
  • 26
  • 20

You’ve already got one.

If you’re already a responsible party and/or one of your other EIN applications have already gotten the thumbs up, you may get denied if you try to get another, even for another entity. The IRS set up the online application so that a person can only be responsible for one EIN.

Incomplete Paperwork

Well, duh. If your application has any mistakes or missing info, then it’ll get rejected. If you need to submit an LLC application online or get your hands on an EIN ASAP, there are sites that can help you do just that.

Weird Ways To Use Magnets

Weird Ways To Use Magnets

They’re on your fridge, they’re on your clothes; they’re in a lot of places. Magnets are a common sight in modern times, with many magnets in Brisbane and across the world making lives more convenient in their tiny little ways. The little buggers have a lot of uses, some of them fairly strange.

You don’t even need anything particularly strong magnets, that’s the beauty of them. Here’s some strange, yet practical uses for your magnets.

Makeshift compass

Finding out where the true north is, that’s something you need in case you get lost. There are ways to do this, like paying attention to where the sun rises, and extrapolating from that, or looking for Polaris, the North Star. The problem is that you need clear skies for this, and night time for the latter. In such a scenario, magnets can help you. Take a cork, a straight pin and some water; rub the pin across your magnet 50 times in the same direction, then push the pin through the cork, then place that into water, and you have your makeshift compass, which will always point north.

Saving things from a drain.

It’s hard when things fall down your drain, especially when it’s something particularly valuable, like a wedding ring. Thankfully, if you have some extra magnets in Brisbane and some rope or twine, then you can get it back without risking your hand by sticking it into the drain. Tie a strong magnet with twine or small rope, then lower that into the drain, then, once it grabs whatever you’re hunting for, slowly pull the magnet up, taking the metal item up.

Getting jammed batteries out.

We have all been there; needing to remove a jammed battery from a remote or a toy. It can be a waste of time and a pain in the hands, but a magnet can work wonders to deal with it. Any decently strong magnet should be able to pull those stuck batteries out of their slot, just make sure it’s not the kind of magnet that does damage to electronics.

Designing with magnetized paint and polish.

There’s a new thing for paint and interior design; it’s called magnetic paint, which is primer that has particles of iron dust into it, which allows it to magnetize wall spaces to create a fun ‘board’ of sorts for stuff you need. If you’re going for that, use lots of primer and cover it with two coats max, since each coat will lower the primer’s magnetism. Another new thing is magnetic nail polish, which is pretty much the same, but for nails. For some strange and fun patterns on your nails, simply hover a magnet over your freshly painted nails and see what pops.

Why You Need The Best Health Insurance In Thailand

Why You Need The Best Health Insurance In Thailand

As an expat living in Thailand, you need to own a good health insurance to cover in times of sickness. Even if you’re taking care of yourself like eating right and exercising, it’s still possible to get sick and will need some medical attention from a physician. As living in Thailand is no exemption from getting sick, you need to find the best health insurance in Thailand for coverage.  You also need to know what the options are available for tourists and where to get the best healthcare facilities. However, in Thailand, you get plenty of options as some doctors and healthcare facilities are now covered by a healthcare insurance.

Why You Should Be Familiar with Health Insurance in Thailand?

It is mandatory for most expats and those legally working to have the best health insurance in Thailand for coverage. One option can be coursed through the social security, where the government subtracts 5% of the monthly salary, and have the expats allowed to free medical consultations and medicines when they visit a government hospital. However, it can entail more sacrifices as government hospitals are usually jampacked with patients, have long queues, and the medicines given are generic.

To have a better option, one may need a private health insurance, to provide better access to healthcare services in private hospitals. They usually come in a variety of options and can even be offered international health insurance just when they happen to be abroad.

How You Can Apply for Health Insurance

If you want to be covered by the best health insurance in Thailand, you can apply to your chosen provider and sign-up for it. You need to submit all the requirements needed, and if they say you are qualified, you will be given a health card, which you can use as identification for all the medical services you need to avail.

If you are covered by social security, you can get free healthcare in government hospitals. If you don’t have this or the best health insurance in Thailand, a doctor’s fee will surely not hurt your pockets. You can surely see the benefits of living in Thailand as the healthcare services are so affordable. Doctors working for a hospital or private clinic will only cost you around 800 baht to 1500 baht per session.

Ideas To Spruce Up The Interiors Of A Home Using Vinyl Stickers

Ideas To Spruce Up The Interiors Of A Home Using Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers can be used to give an instant makeover to the interiors of a home. These stickers can be customized in any shape and size to suit the requirements of the home and can be used on the walls and furniture to spruce the interiors.

Here are some quick tips to give a fresh twist to the interiors of a home using custom stickers in vinyl

  1. Use custom sticker to transform your plain looking old furniture. The vinyl stickers can be easily applied to any kind of smooth surface and it is a quick fix method to make old furniture pieces look interesting.
  2. Beautiful custom sticker can be used to frame a focal point. The vinyl stickers can be used as an intelligent option to highlight important aspects of design. They can be used on the ceiling to highlight a beautiful pendant light above the dining table or used on a wall to frame a focal point.
  3. Sticking beautifully designed custom stickers on glass doors improves the safety. The stickers help the residents to identify when a glass door is closed. The stickers are transparent and do not obstruct the view.
  4. Vinyl stickers can be used to decorate the walls of the home. Since they can be customized to any shape and size, homeowners can get customized stickers to suit the theme of the house.

Tips to install vinyl stickers at your home

  1. Do not apply stickers on a freshly painted wall. Wait for at least three weeks before applying stickers on a freshly painted wall.
  2. Open the packaging of the stickers to eliminate the creases.
  3. Warm temperature will speed up the installation process.
  4. When applying stickers on a glass surface, wet it using soap water. This will make the process of installation easy as the water allows easy movement of the vinyl sticker on the glass.
  5. Remove air bubbles from the sticker using a sharp plastic credit card. Do the task carefully and take care not to damage the sticker.
  6. Once the custom sticker is installed, remove any air bubbles using a hair dryer. Heat the adhesive on the sticker with a hairdryer and rub on the sticker gently with a clean cloth.
Bucket List When In Sukhumvit

Bucket List When In Sukhumvit

When you think of Thailand, Sukhumvit comes up on the list of places to go to. There are not many attractions in the area but it holds a different kind of charm that makes it attractive to locals and tourists alike. Aside from the 4 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit, the area is brimming with night life, places to eat, shopping centers and local markets. Sukhumvit Road is known to be one of world’s longest roads. This is why there are many things to enjoy in the area such as the ones below.

  • Markets in Thailand are known all over the world because of the energetic vibe it exudes and the attraction it has to the masses. When in Sukhumvit, you can check out the street vendors starting at Soi 1 until you reach Soi 20. These vendors have everything under the sun including cheap clothes, unique souvenirs, trinkets and sunglasses. You can buy these items at cheaper the price compared to the ones sold in famous markets in Bangkok.
  • If you want to escape the heat and roam around a shopping mall, visit Terminal 21 where the theme is quite famous internationally. The style of the mall mimics that of an airport because every level represents a different city in the world such as Istanbul, Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo and London. There are also replicas of famous world landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and Eiffel Tower.
  • Sukhumvitis also known for its restaurants because one can find almost every cuisine in the world including the local Thai dishes, Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Lebanese, French, Italiand and Korean among many others. If you are on a budget or wanted to try something other than fancy restaurants, you can also find a variety of cheap options.
  • When you get tired of staying inside your 4 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit, youcan enjoy a relaxing stroll in two of the well-known urban parks in the area – Benchasiri Park and Benjakiti Park. Benjakiti is home to a large lake and perfect for cycling or walking. Benchasiri Park, on the other hand, houses a large monument in memory of Queen Sirikit.