Avoiding The Nightmare Of Clogged Drains

Plumbers are often called to attend to different types of emergencies that cannot be fixed through DIY techniques. One of the worst emergencies is clogged drains which are messy and time consuming to straighten out. In fact, clogged drains are preventable through proper drain maintenance and responsibility in the disposal of trash.

Once the drain is clogged, the immediate solution that comes to the mind of homeowners is chemical drain cleaners that are advertised as an easy and powerful option for clog removal. However, chemicals can be potentially harmful to health and can damage the drain traps. Another option is to call the expert plumbers because large clogs that are not removed from the main line can result into backups in the home and will put unnecessary strain on the municipal sewage system.

You will never experience clogs on your drains if you are mindful of what you put in them. Some drains need to be checked regularly like bathroom drains particularly if the female members of the family sport long hair. When you add soap, shaving cream and toothpaste residues to accumulated hair, it is not difficult to imagine why your bathroom drains are clogged when you have not been diligent with cleaning. Bathroom drains usually have a cover which can be lifted for easy removal of hair and other residues.

It is very important to place mesh screens on your kitchen sinks to catch food particles and other stuff. Do not use your kitchen drains for garbage disposal because they are not meant for solid particles, grease and leftover cooking oil that can solidify during cold weather. Massive blockages on drains are often due to food items that are allowed to flow down the drain while washing the dishes.

Richards Plumbing Services can handle your drain cleaning and unclogging needs within a short period of time. They will make sure that you are unencumbered during the process of cleaning by using a video camera on the drains to check the location of the blockage. Damages to your drain pipes will be prevented because they have the necessary equipment for cleaning and unclogging of drains.