Four Popular Tourist Attractions In Eastbourne

Four Popular Tourist Attractions In Eastbourne

Eastbourne is a beautiful resort town in Sussex. The town is popular for its Victorian architecture and adventure water sports. The beautiful beach town has a number of luxury hotels and resorts to cater to the demands of the growing visitors.

There are a number of hotels in Eastbourne UK across all budget categories. Starting from luxurious resorts and five star hotels to Bread and breakfast hotels, Eastbourne has a lot of options for accommodation. Here is a list of popular attractions in the town to plan a visit to the town.

  • Drusillas zoo park – Enjoy a great day out with family at the Drusillas zoo park. Apart from the small zoo, the park also features adventure rides and a play area for children. Have fun at the theme park with attractions such as amazon adventure, hello Kitty secret and Eden’s eye maze.
  • Beachy Head – It is the most popular attraction in Eastbourne. Beachy Head raises five hundred thirty feet above the sea and is the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain. Enjoy the panoramic of the city, bay and the sea from the top of the cliff. Tourists can stay at the hotels in Eastbourne UK and plan a trip to the Beachy Head. There are public buses and tourists can use private cars and taxis to reach the cliff.
  • Eastbourne bandstand – The bandstand is located on the seafront. It is an easily recognizable structure with a blue dome and golden finial. Many music concerts and events take place at the bandstand and the most popular among them are the traditional Christmas and Boxing Day concerts. It is advisable to book the hotels in Eastbourne UK, in advance during the Christmas season.
  • Eastbourne pier–The pier is a relaxing family entertainment centre. There are gaming zones, bars, pubs and nightclubs at the pier. The Eastbourne pier is the only pier in the world with a fully functioning Victorian three sixty-degree project The nightclub is open late into the night.

These are some of the attractions in and around Eastbourne. Plan a visit to the elegant resort town and stay at the luxurious hotels in Eastbourne UK to enjoy a fun filled and memorable vacation.

Fill-In Your Gastronomy From An Organic Thai Restaurant In Bangkok

Fill-In Your Gastronomy From An Organic Thai Restaurant In Bangkok

A Bangkok vacation can make several unforgettable experiences. Bangkok is all about the political, cultural and commercial sides of the country. Here you experience chaos, entertainment and a vibrant ambiance. And to start with, visit an organic Thai restaurant in Bangkok to fill in your gastronomy.

Bangkok is often referred as the “City of Angels” and has endless delights for vacationers. In every Bangkok packages, one can get a glimpse of Thai hospitality, marvellous nightlife, impressive shopping centre, and sparkling skyscrapers.

Extraordinary Nightlife

While enjoying a Bangkok holiday, be amazed at how vibrant nightlife is and be part of its fun and excitement. The city has lots of restaurants, clubs, discos, bars and pubs. Make most of your tour here by exploring the artistic performances of various arts like music, pop, dance and ballet in some of its cultural centres.

Scrumptious Thai Food

You can check how some organic Thai restaurant in Bangkok offer luscious cuisines. Here you relish some of the best Thai dishes that you’ve never tasted before. There are countless restaurants serving various traditional Thai dishes, Chinese food, Indian delicacies, and American cuisines. See how organic they can go. Some of the customised and well-planned Bangkok packages include trips to these famous restaurants and eateries.

Soothing Spas

A huge number of people organise a Bangkok tour with family members or friends to unwind and escape the busy schedules for a few days. Why not discover the best spas in Bangkok that offer beauty treatments, natural treatments, and massage therapies for affordable prices! You can then relax and enjoy your holiday while it invigorates your feelings. Once your Bangkok tour is completed, you feel ready to take on to your life with vigour and energy.

Renowned Temples

If you were to book in a Bangkok package, you’ll notice its inclusion for a visit to the oldest and biggest temple like the Wat Pho or Temple of the Reclining Buddha. The Buddha is gold plated status and built some 200 years ago. The temple is famous for teaching traditional massage and herbal medications. Also, at the Wat Arun or the Temple of Dawn, you see decorative tiles styled with creative designs.

After the tour, get yourselves to feed in an organic Thai restaurant in Bangkok to fill-in your famished stomach.

What You Can See From A Sky Bar In Sukhumvit

What You Can See From A Sky Bar In Sukhumvit

Many travellers prefer to start their exploration in a fabulous city like Bangkok by simply walking up and down its very busy streets. They hope to stop and treat themselves to one popular Thai local cuisine or perhaps a snack to continue enjoying the journey. One popular choice to enjoy Bangkok is eating the red pork and wontons in an egg noodle soup. They can somehow proceed to enjoying a boat ride down the Chao Phraya River. Here they get to see fulfilling and exciting beautiful sights and various monuments and landmarks contained within the city. Of course, who wouldn’t be excited to be at a sky bar in Sukhumvit, where they see a panoramic 360-degree view of the city.

Travellers often choose to depart at SaphanTaksin from the ferry to proceed to Siam using the sky train. After enjoying the ride and the marvellous sights, they will opt for a more relaxing and soothing Thai massage or perhaps a relaxing swim. Bangkok is indeed a city that has lots of offerings and expressions for a person who is seeking what he can discover. That may include watching the sunset at a beautiful sky bar in Sukhumvit, which is up high in a tall building. There are also local cuisines to enjoy amidst the street side cafes dotting the city’s busy highways. Of course, there are small bars along the avenue where you can enjoy ice-cold beers and salty beans.

Another special treat that many travellers can enjoy in Bangkok are the evening dinner cruises that most five-star and four-star hotels usually offer and organise. There are a few people who love and enjoy these few trips. There are even more tourists and expatriates who go for adventure and explore the small clubs and bars dotting the city’s red light districts. They are here looking for fantastic live music and performances.

One sight that must be seen by anyone travelling to Bangkok is the Erawan Shrine or the Four-Faced Buddha. Literally, thousands of great folks will go there every day and offer some prayers and promise of good works should their prayers be responded. Located at the heart of Bangkok, the Erawan Shrine is something that will be seared in one’s mind and heart after the vacation in Bangkok is long over. Perhaps the sky bar in Sukhumvit is also something one should ever miss.