Hot Air Advertising: Literally Above The Competition

Hot Air Advertising: Literally Above The Competition

Advertising’s important; it can make or break a sales attempt or the launch of a new product. It goes without saying, that any advantage you can get over the competition is important. Bigger is better, anything to help you rise above the competition. So, naturally, some people take it to the logical conclusion: an advertising blimp. No better way to make sure that your branded merchandise gets noticed than by having it be seen every time someone looks up, right?

Granted, it’s not a ridiculous idea, it’s quite common, especially in big events like NASCAR or the Super Bowl, but the ways it’s been used have been getting crazier in recent years. Take this one, for example. The Hendrick’s Gin’s Hendrick’s Air blimp; a 130-foot long cucumber blimp with the company’s logo plastered across it. Granted, it’s no Goodyear Blimp, which averages at about 190 feet, but it’s still quite the sight.

Especially when you fly it so close to the cities.

The Hendrick’s Air campaign, to put it simply, was a bold summer advertising made by Hendrick’s Gin 2 years ago, in 2015. I read about it looking through some bold advertising ideas, and the cucumber blimp certainly fits that. If not in size, then in location. The blimp flew at 35 miles per hour across America, with some lucky enthusiasts coming along for the coast-to-coast ride. The blimp flew below 1000-feet, as shown in this image, close to the city skyscrapers of Los Angeles, San Fran, etc., before finally stopping, with a party no less, at Chicago’s Galleria Marchetti.

It’s some bold advertising, flying so low to the skyscrapers. Imagine how many people looked out their office windows and saw a giant cucumber. Not every day that happens; blimps aren’t too rare, but that close? It was something else to say the least.

Now, whilst other companies, like the aforementioned Goodyear, haven’t been flying their blimps so close to office skyscrapers, they have been using them creatively to advertise their branded merchandise, with stunts like a drive-in theatre where the show is played on the blimp’s side, things like that.

It makes one wonder what kind of advertising stunt companies have in mind for their blimps. In such a scenario, better have a camera ready when you look up.

Country Canvas Commerce: Money Through Expression And Art

Country Canvas Commerce: Money Through Expression And Art

Photographs are big. Now that may sound like an extremely obvious thing to point out, but it’s well worth being reminded of the fact that not everything old has been eclipsed by technology and development, rather, that they have been elevated alongside it. A picture’s worth a thousand words? Post it with your Facebook status. Photography has become more prominent in the digital age, with many sites promoting self-expression on the internet via photographs. Bar the negative internet stereotype of such sites, they really do promote photography, and the pursuit of seeking that perfect shot that shows what you feel.

Of course, one has to admit, technology has given us more creative ways to make a profit, and this canvas print UK is a good example. Not just of how technology has helped people expressing themselves make a profit out of their passion, but of how traditional and technological can merge into a thing of beauty. If you pay attention to the canvas print, it’s the London skyline, with a bridge a little bit to the left side of the image. Dotted across the image are skyscrapers, but placed neatly alongside them are the more traditional towers of the older London architecture. This shows a harmonious duality of the city; of how the old and new can work together. Look up aerial views of the Parliament houses and you’ll see modern architecture alongside it and in the background.

Now, I mentioned how technology has helped people pursuing their passion procure a profit. For those curious, this canvas print UK is size-based on cost. There are several measurements, with the smallest, 8″ by 10″ costing about £ 60, or approximately $ 73. Custom measurements will set you back by around £ 400 or close to $ 500. That’s a lot of cash to fork over for a photo printout. I’m sure that the photographer and the company that printed this canvas print is happy about that pricing.

It shows that photography is a booming business, and that being a creative individual at heart has profitable applications all over the world. Of course, since a canvas print UK of a double negative image of an anime character costing for $50, there’s definitely a market for creative products.

Things To Consider In Crafting Signs In Sydney

Things To Consider In Crafting Signs In Sydney

Signs are important in any business or commercial setting. It has different purposes such as providing directions within the business premises and also for decorations and greetings to prospective customers. If you want to place directional or decorative signs in Sydney, consider a few things to make them effective. It may seem a tiny aspect of your business but these are visuals and visuals play an important role in shaping the mind-set of individuals, much more your target customers. Here are some considerations in making your signage effective.

Your business type

The signage you are going to put up in your commercial space should be appropriate to the type of business you have. There are signs in Sydney that connote professionalism while there are those that give out light and festive mood. For instance, if you are in a business that provides professional service such as real estate, law or accounting firm, higher education and other similar professional sector, choose crisp and straightforward fonts for your signage. Avoid elaborate fonts with extra embellishments on the sides. However, if you are a seller of handicrafts, books or into primary education or you sell merchandise for the youngsters, a vibrant or artistic sign can be best suitable for your business.  There is no fast and hard rule in coming up with a signage. You just have to make it unique and appropriate for the intended application.

The design

If you are not sure of the design, you can always check the internet for inspiration or you can take a look at the signs in Sydney for idea. You can always consult a signage company to help you conceptualize your required signage.

Service provider

The success of your signage also relies on the service provider. You may want to check how the maker of signs in Sydney fares in the industry in terms of customer trust including the materials they use in every project. You may also want to find out if the signage maker can install, maintain or repair signage and other pertinent services relative to signs.

Art Collection For Personal Satisfaction With An Investor’s Mind

Art Collection For Personal Satisfaction With An Investor’s Mind

Investing in art is not for everyone. While a piece of art can be considered as an asset that you can appreciate and enjoy, there is no guarantee that it will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars after a few decades. If personal enjoyment is your objective in buying art, make sure to consider the proper ways to preserve your art collection.


The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci is the most famous Christian artwork in history. It has been copied, printed and reproduced for thousands if not millions of times. It is very unlikely that an original artwork as famous and remarkable as the Last Supper will be auctioned because its rarity will command a highly exorbitant price. With limited funds, you can always get a quality reproduction or a printed copy that you can display on the walls of your home.

How to preserve an art collection

It is extremely important to keep the piece of art away from direct sunlight and sources of heat like fireplaces and boilers. When UV rays hit a painting, the top layer is subjected to more heat than the lower layers of paint. This can lead to evaporation and cracking and rippling of the canvas. Even artificial light like fluorescent bulbs emit UV radiation. Heat also causes subsequent cracking of paint.

The best environment for a painting is a dry place with moderate heat. Make sure though that the painting will be not be subjected to dust and dirt because they can degrade the image. If you think the painting requires cleaning, consult with a professional who can assess the condition of the piece of art. Always remember that even the slightest blemish or scratch on the painting will affect its value in the future. Who knows, the painting might be worth a fortune after a few decades?

Buying art whether individual pieces or a whole collection can be time consuming. You need to have each piece appraised professionally and independently. However, there is Fine art dealer that will educate you on the right piece of art that will suit your taste and requirements.

Online Marketing Strategies Recommended For Small Businesses

Online Marketing Strategies Recommended For Small Businesses

Nowadays, businesses have more mediums in which they can market their brands. Some of these channels are not present before thus businesses years ago have very limited options when it comes to marketing and most of them cost a lot of money. The challenge now lies with choosing the best marketing method that will be ideal for small or medium sized businesses because their budget is limited as well as their resources. Here are the recommended online marketing strategies:

  • Blogging is recommended for small business because it will provide prospect and existing customers information and contents that are not all about sales pitching. These contents can be shared in other social media channels and the business will be able to make a name by proving that they are experts in the said field. It will also have a positive impact in your SEO if you blog at least twice every week.
  • Employ social media. If you haven’t tapped into social media yet then it is time to do so. According to statistic, social media creates twice the lead compared to telemarketing or direct mail marketing methods. There are many social media channels which might sound overwhelming at first. The key is to choose one and build your brand there.
  • Utilize Facebook. For small business, Facebook has proven to be the most important when it comes to marketing. Majority of the consumers are using Facebok thus it is a big opportunity for small businesses to create a relationship with them through content’s shared and interactions.
  • If you choose to have a Pinterest account, make sure that you post often, the same goes with Instagram. This online marketing is ideal for businesses that want to showcase their products or services in a visual manner. Images are the medium for both Instagram and Pinterest. These accounts are free and you’ll be able to reach a larger audience especially women.

Lastly, online marketing for company should make use of email marketing. It is the best way to engage customers. It should be done together with other marketing strategies for maximum result.


Advantages Of Renting Party Hire In Adelaide

Advantages Of Renting Party Hire In Adelaide

You can always buy your party needs such as tables and chairs, a large marquee, a beverage bar or drink dispensers and other party needs. However, for practical reasons, you would think otherwise and choose renting Party Hire in Adelaide instead for all your party needs. For reasons of convenience and practicality, hiring your party needs is the best decision you could have when planning for a party. Here are some advantages for choosing rental instead of purchase.

Freedom from storage needs

If you purchase your needed party needs such as tables and chairs and music or drink bars, the next problem after a fun-filled night is where you would store them? This is particularly important if you have limited space at home or if you do not have storage room in the house. To avoid clutters and the need for extra space, hire your needed items for your party then dispose them properly by returning them to the owner after. By hiring items at Party Hire in Adelaide, there is no need for you to worry about where to store those plates and glasses and how you can avoid breaking them. In other words, renting party needs give you peace of mind after the event.


Party needs such as a marquee can be expensive if bought in the market today. So why would you buy such materials when you can easily rent them and return the supplies after? When renting party needs, party suppliers usually provide discount on additional items rented and they also have packages to even lower down your expenses. If you want to find out how you can reduce your expenses for the supplies you need, call the party needs supplier and see what they can offer you.

Time saving 

Choosing for items from vendors, especially from physical stores can be time-consuming. Remember that apart from the party supplies, there are other important things that you need to provide your time and attention with. With Party Hire in Adelaide, you can have all your needed tables and chairs and other supplies a few days before the actual event.


Advantages Of Hiring Car Rental In Chania Airport For Business Meetings

Advantages Of Hiring Car Rental In Chania Airport For Business Meetings

Chania in Crete, Greece is not only popular for its picturesque tourist attractions. It is also a place where business and trading is a buzz. So if you are going to Chania for an important business deal, the wisest thing that you can do is book for a car rental Chania airport before taking your flight.

There are several reasons why you should rent a car while doing your business transactions in Chania. First, it will give you a positive impression if you arrive at your meeting in impeccable business attire and in an impressive car that matches the occasion. Make sure that you choose a car that suits business transactions and not the sporty or too inexpensive looking type. After the business deal, you can invite your prospect for a bottle of wine or dinner to celebrate new or renewed business partnership. With a presentable car that you rented, you can be sure that you will rise to the occasion and you will leave a positive impression on your targets.

Another advantage of hiring a car rental Chania airport is its convenience. Imagine, you won’t have to worry about getting late on your meetings because you have a car that you can utilize at any time you need to. Take note that business partners are conscious of their time the way that you value your time. Therefore, it is important that you arrive on the dot and imply that you are serious with your business interest.

There are different cars suitable for business transactions for you to choose from. All you have to do is visit the website of your preferred car rental company and pick your choice. You can also contact their customer service for tips and ideas on what is the best car rental Chania airport for you or the right car that would help you save extra bucks without compromising your business image. Talk to the customer service representative and ask for discounts or their running deals or special offers. After all, you don’t have to spend excessively just to have a productive business meeting.