Popular Activities For Tourists In Rayong

Popular Activities For Tourists In Rayong

Rayong is a popular tourist getaway in Thailand. The city is a two hour drive from the Suvarnabhumi international airport and forty five minutes’ drive from the Utapao international airport. The city is an ideal spot for a peaceful beach vacation away from the touristy and crowded beaches of Pattaya and other popular tourist destinations.

The city is popular with the local Thai families and students, who frequent the place during weekends and holidays. Tourists visiting the quiet city can stay at the holiday Inn hotel in Rayong and enjoy the world class amenities of the hotel.

Students visit the city for its happening nightlife along the Ratbumrung road and the Rayong brewery. These places have a collection of pubs, bars, night clubs, restaurants, karaoke bars and live concerts with popular DJs. Travellers staying at the holiday inn hotel in Rayong can enjoy at the CU lounge bar and the pool bar, which serve a selection of well stocked wines and premium alcoholic beverages.

Rayong is popular for its delicious sea-food. There are many restaurants and street food stalls in the city that serve mouth-watering sea food preparations. Baan Pae is one of the popular places to enjoy freshly cooked seafood like crabs, prawns and sea bass. The brasserie, an upscale restaurant in the holiday inn hotel in Rayong serves the best seafood and western cuisine.

Rayong is renowned for fruit farming and it is the best place to shop for fresh and preserved fruit treats. Tourists visiting the city can shop for fresh tropical fruits, fruit candy and dried mango at the fruit markets. Tourists looking to buy, fresh or preserved seafood can shop at the markets in Baan pae. Tourists can also shop for handmade crystal ornaments and handicrafts made of reed in Rayong markets.

Rayong is the perfect place to be for golfing enthusiasts. It has many well designed golf courses. Island hopping, diving and snorkelling are some of the popular tourist activities in Rayong. Tourists can stay at the holiday inn hotel in Rayong and enjoy the lazing around the peaceful and pristine beaches. They can venture out to enjoy the sun, sand and sea or spend time at the hotel and enjoy the views of the ocean from their suites and rooms.

Marquee As The Best Option For A Corporate Event                                 

Marquee As The Best Option For A Corporate Event                                 

Many companies today hold yearly corporate events to recognize the contributions of their employees towards the continuing success of the business. When planning a corporate event it is important to consider the number of employees and whether they can be accommodated by an events venue. An option is marquee hire in Brisbane so that the event can be held outdoors where there is more space.

A perception of organization and efficiency can be projected by a corporate event when it is held in an impressive venue. Marquees offer the ultimate in flexibility and a practical way to boost the corporate image. By using a marquee for the corporate event, you can source out your own catering services and drink providers. You can choose the location you want as long as it is a flat surface that allows the installation of a marquee.

Personalization is another advantage of hiring a marquee. You have complete control to add several features like carpets, dance floor or a stage for a band. Sometimes, you can simply use the grass which is already there instead of requesting for carpeted or hardwood flooring. You can also opt for marquees that have windows so that the attendees can enjoy the outdoor view and the fresh air.

Seating arrangements will depend on your requirements. The tables and chairs can be easily arranged to achieve a formal or a relaxed environment. Lighting will also be installed based on your requirements. For an evening event, chandeliers can be requested as well as muted lighting to achieve an elegant and sophisticated ambience. For daytime events, natural sunlight can be supplemented by different types of artificial lighting.

There are a huge range of marquees available for hire for product launches, exhibitions, training and seminars or presentations. The size will depend on the number of attendees. You can also opt for smaller tents for catering, restrooms and temporary offices.

As a leading company in Australia, marquee hire in Brisbane is proud to present sustainable shelter solutions to achieve the genuine WOW factor. Aside from the marquee, non-slip flooring, lighting, furniture and sound systems are also offered. Support is provided for all your needs.