Book Hotels In Pattaya At Best Rates

Book Hotels In Pattaya At Best Rates

Being an avid traveller, I have made several solo and family trips to my favourite beach destination in Thailand, Pattaya. Most of the travellers look for hotels with best deals and that offer luxurious facilities. Pattaya has a host of hotels and resorts across all budgets. I have made a list of tips to follow, for getting best hotels at cheap prices

  • Make a list of activities and places you are interested to explore in Pattaya and select a location for your hotel. There are many site seeing places, temples, malls and amusement parks in Bangkok. Look for hotels near to the attractions, search for hotels in the centre of city, hotel near Bumrungrad hospital, hotel near the mass transit stations etc., to make commuting to the tourist attractions quick and cheaper. If you are interested to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, opt for the hotels and resorts near the beach.
  • Have a list of amenities that you require. Search for hotels offering all those amenities like swimming pool, Wi-Fi, internet, children activities, bar, restaurant and concierge services. Look for the chargeable and free amenities at the hotel, before you make a booking.
  • Once you know the preferred location and the required amenities, select a budget range. Bangkok has a lot of options in terms of hotels across all budget ranges. It has guest houses, sharing rooms, Bread and Breakfast accommodation, luxurious 4 and 5 star hotels and premium beach front resorts. Choose a hotel depending upon your requirement and your budget.
  • Once you shortlist your preferred hotels, do an online research about the hotels. There are various travel sites and blogs that offer reviews of hotels in Bangkok. You can know about the quality and service standards of the hotel depending on the guest reviews.
  • Search for the best value hotel that offers good service at competitive prices. Most of the good hotels in Bangkok offer special promotion packages and exclusive deals for the guests. These promotions and deals help the guests to book rooms at special rates that are cheaper than the standard rates.

Follow these steps and you will be able to book at hotel at your preferred locality, like hotel near Bumrungrad hospital, hotels in city centre or the beach facing premium villas at the best prices.

Tips For First Time Travelers In Thailand

Tips For First Time Travelers In Thailand

Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches, delicious street food and world-class entertainment but for first timers in the kingdom, there is so much more to learn about the country. After you have booked your ticket and reserved a room from a modern hotel in Bangkok, it is time to research about tips on how to make the most of your trip.

If you are looking for the original paradise featured in books and movies two decades ago, you will be disappointed as most of these places are already commercialized and crowded with tourists. Do not be disappointed though because Thailand holds a lot of hidden gem, just waiting to be discovered by the adventurous spirits. Get out of the tourist trail and explore other places.

Be prepared with the traffic in Bangkok because it is not one of the best parts of the country. In fact, data revealed that 80 lives are claimed by road accidents on a daily basis. A big part of this number is due to tourists with no license and drunk driving.

You may have tried Thai food before but you will be surprise at how good it actually is in Thailand. You have a lot of options in terms of local foods and you will be amazed by the ingredients and spices used in one dish alone. Take note that there are exotic choices as well which might not be to your liking especially if you order from a menu without English translation. Dishes such as GoongTen, which is a salad with live shrimp, and Kai Yiew Ma, which is preserved eggs using horse urine, are good examples of foods to avoid.

There are only certain times of the day when you can purchase liquor legally. Purchase can be made from 11 AM to 2 PM and 5 PM until 12 midnight.

If you are to choose an accommodation, go for a modern hotel in Bangkok because you are sure all their employees can speak or understand English. The local language can be quite complicated and learning the basics within a few weeks can be very challenging.

The Endless Array Of Delicious Food In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the cultural capital of Thailand. It has earned a reputation for building and managing boutique hotels with uncompromising quality and luxury. Guests from all over the world can experience Michelin-designed tapas and crafted delicacies from Chiang Mai best restaurant with a unique blend of elegance and fine dining.

The best restaurants in Chiang Mai could give the popular dining scene of Bangkok a run for its money. You won’t lack for variety in Chiang Mai because there are more 25 vegetarian restaurants and an abundance of restaurants offering Thai, European, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. There is also the unique cuisine of Chiang Mai that you should never miss.

Chiang Mai is like a food fair because of the abundance of eateries and coffee shops. Flavours of Chiang Mai food are enhanced by the liberal use of ingredients that include lemongrass, chilli, turmeric, makrut limes and coconut. Even if there are restaurants inside hotels, tourists prefer to venture out and experience the great things that Chiang Mai has to offer.

If you are staying in a serviced apartment, it does not make sense to cook your meals because the local restaurants serve delicious food for a very affordable price. There is an endless array of good and cheap food in Chiang Mai that can be experienced in shopping malls, markets and restaurants. Your dollars will go a long way when you are in Chiang Mai because the prices in the best places to eat are reasonable based on Western standards. Splurging in Thai food can be easily justified.

Food is one of the reasons that will motivate you to visit Chiang Mai. The aromas of delicious dishes are too tempting that you cannot resist entering a restaurant. Spoil yourself with a selection of cuisine prepared by international chefs.

A romantic river setting of your choice can be experienced at Chiang Mai best restaurant while you are dining. You can spoil yourself with a range of desserts prepared by a Michelin chef paired with a delightful high tea menu. After you have had your fill of good food, you can relax on the rooftop infinity pool and bar.

4 Features To Look For In A Hotel Co-Working Space In Bangkok

4 Features To Look For In A Hotel Co-Working Space In Bangkok

If you are working independently online or if you are one of those lucky employees who are allowed to work out of office, then you must have heard of hotel co-working space in Bangkok or in other popular districts such as Sukhumvit. A co working space is actually a lounge bar that is offered to customers during daytime as working space, study area or mainly to do activities that require high speed internet access and conducive environment. If you want to try a co-working space, search for hotels or lounge bars that offer the service to users with the following features.

Comfortable and luxurious working space

A co working space is not your typical working area because it has luxurious sofa and comfortable cushioned seats that will help you relax and get motivated with work. The place has suitable lighting which is not too bright nor is it dim. The lighting is a combination of artificial lighting fixture and natural daylight.

Money-saving deals

One of the reasons why a hotel co-working space in Bangkok is in demand around the city is because of its affordability in spite of the luxury and comfort that the place offers. You can get free tea or coffee and complimentary snacks if you use the area with a minimum of four hours. You can also get 10% discount on food, beverages and even on accommodations if you use the area.

Food and beverage bar

What makes the area even more interesting to work at is you can order your favourite drinks or dishes while working on a report or presentation. The food and beverages comes with 10% discount as mentioned earlier, making the experience an affordable one.

Clean and conducive

The good thing about working in a hotel co-working space in Bangkok is they are guaranteed to be clean and conducive working environment for professionals like you. It comes with free speedy internet access along with power outlets and charging stations for laptops and electronic gadgets. The place is also quiet and you will be working in an area with breath taking view of downtown Bangkok.

What To Do When You Are In Sukhumvit

What To Do When You Are In Sukhumvit

Bangkok is a busy city located in Thailand. This is where Sukhumvit Road is located which is considered to be its commercial centre. The area is surrounded with hotels carrying international brands, luxury shopping centres and best spots for nightlife. Sukhumvit is known to have a community of expats and it is also where travellers flock when they are in the city. Tourists can stay in a 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit to be close to attractions in the area. Here is a list of attractions in Sukhumvit worth visiting.

  • Terminal 21. This shopping mall is popular to visitors because its theme follows a number of internationally recognized cities and displayed in one place. You will enjoy window shopping while experiencing the city of Tokyo, London, Istanbul and San Francisco. Each of the nine floors will take you to a different city while the main hall’s concept follows that of a departure area inside an airport.
  • Baan Kamthieng House Museum. The area surrounding this museum is a busy junction that one will not expect a space as green as calm exist in the middle of it. The house was remodelled to make it look like a house from a village in the north of Thailand. Visitors to the museum will be able to experience the traditional life of Thais in the rural areas.
  • DinosaurPlanet. This is a theme park that houses various kinds of prehistoric creatures such as T-rex and Velociraptors. It was launched last year and located in the area of PhromPhong. The theme park has more than 200 dinosaurs that are life size.
  • Soi Cowboy. The name was derived from the very first bar owner in the area. It was the beginning of the 70s when an African-American who is fond of wearing cowboy hat opened a bar in the red-light district. This is popular to expats and foreign travellers.
  • Benjasiri Park. It was constructed in 1992 during the 60th birthday of Queen Sirikit. Guests staying in a 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit should visit it to witness the daily water dance show.
Reasons To Work At Bangkok Best Restaurants

Reasons To Work At Bangkok Best Restaurants

Whether you’re a casual eater or someone who is feeling hungry whenever you’re inside a restaurant, you got to admit: there’s nothing better to do than to eat at a fancy restaurant especially if you do have the money for it. You see, food is life and without it, we wouldn’t last a day. While majority of the human population has the ability to cook their own food, don’t you all think that it’s more convenient to simply go to your favourite restaurant, order your favourite dishes, enjoy the dishes and pay the bill afterwards? You won’t have to prepare the table. You won’t have to clean it afterwards. And most importantly, you don’t consume a single kilowatt of electricity if you are using an electricity-powered cooking stove or a single drop of water when doing the dishes. Sure, dining at one of the Bangkok best restaurants especially when you’re on a vacation stay in the capital city of Bangkok in the Kingdom of Thailand require one to take out a certain amount of cash but you’re actually saving more cash when dinning out compared to cooking at your home.


Now, while many people prefer to dine in a restaurant, more and more people are being inspired to work in the hotel and restaurant industry whether it’s in one of the Bangkok best restaurants or an international restaurant somewhere else and below are just some of the reasons why you should consider a career in the restaurant industry:

  • One of the many reasons why working in a restaurant will be the best decision you’ll ever make in your life is that you have an important role to play regardless of the position you will hold at the restaurant. No role is too small or too big for any kind of restaurant so you’re assured that you will have a role to play on a daily basis and you’re a crucial member of the team.
  • If there is one reason why people stay as a worker in a restaurant, it’s the tons of incentives that they receive. You see, the business of restaurant is known to be a well-oiled incentive machine.
Reasons To Choose A Boutique Hotel In Saigon

Reasons To Choose A Boutique Hotel In Saigon

In case you haven’t heard or seen a boutique hotel, it’s one of the popular kinds of hotels in the world right now and many people are choosing this specific kind of hotel when they are on a vacation in an international destination. But to begin with, what is a boutique hotel in the first place? In simple terms that could be understood by non-hotel folks, a boutique hotel is simply a hotel that only a small number of rooms, ranging from between 10 and 100 rooms. The settings inside each boutique hotel are unique and each hotel comes with upscale accommodations. Usually, a boutique hotel in Saigon, a city in Vietnam, or in any given city for that matter, is artistically designed in a stylish or aspirational matter. In addition to this, some of the boutique hotels in the use designs that will reflect the culture and history of the city where it was built in the first place. And usually, boutique hotels are built for stylish ladies and gentlemen who love arts and designs in everything that they see. And, most people, especially the rich ones, are enjoying staying at boutique hotels because they’re small in terms of the number of rooms which means that staff has more focus to tend to the needs of the vacationists on a more personal level.

As mentioned above, many people are choosing to stay at a boutique hotel in Saigon and in other cities for various reasons and below are some of the reasons why you should, too:

  • Vacationists will experience a one-of-a-kind experience at a boutique hotel in any given city because they will get an authentic experience of both the culture and the lifestyle that lived is by the locals in the city.
  • Since these boutique hotels are relatively smaller compared to the other kind of hotels that you usually see out there, privacy is more enjoyed by guests. This is a hotel that is perfectly built for people who want to enjoy an intimate atmosphere which is very much appealing. You see, privacy also gives you a pace of mind during your stay.