Offering Handcrafted Jewelry OnXmas In July

Offering Handcrafted Jewelry OnXmas In July

Xmas in July is fast approaching and some retailers are now thinking of what they can sell for people to buy as gift items. You can earn money by selling handcrafted jewelry. It gives you reason to prepare for the holiday season.

If you want to sell fabulous jewelry lines that are featured in local shops, summer is the best time to get your act together. Firstly, you need to have a branding aligned for your products. You also need to know your quirkiness. You need to have a business card, website and packaging to exude what you got. You also must have the right color scheme and messaging.

Second, if you need to provide your own packaging, always include your story on a small paper inside the packaging. Will the store selling your products supply for it, or would you want to put it in a small clear frame with your bio beside your work?

Third, take great pictures of your line of products so you can post it on your website. You can also put it in a nice photo holder so you can take it with you wherever you go. Hence, you’re selling products while roaming around.

Fourth, you need to search for stores in your area offering to sell products during the Xmas in July event. If you like, you can even shop there so you know you are keeping high quality products. You also need to know how your competitors sell. If you have ensured a unique set of handmade jewelries, you know it can be easier to market your niche.

You also need to know how much you will price for your products. This will pay off all the supplies you’ve spent, the labor for doing it, and the profit earned from the products.

Finally, you’re here to decide which stores in your area you plan to sell your products especially during Xmas in July. Ask for the manager and let him see your samples of work, business cards, the album or even a consignment contract. Ensure that the manager agrees to your proposition. And don’t forget to sign a contract before you leave them with something.

Tips On How To Buy Fashionable Statement Jewelry

Tips On How To Buy Fashionable Statement Jewelry

Jewelries are something that you do not buy every day. So if you want to buy fashionable statement jewelry, make it a point to allocate time for the shopping in order for you to get the perfect set of accessories. Since you only buy jewelries for special occasions, you want to invest on the pieces and make sure that your choices are perfect and they are worth your money. To get the right set of jewelries for you, here are some ideas.

Check from online shops

No matter what you need and want, you can always find it on the internet. When looking for a nice set of accessories, utilize the search engine to find a long list of websites and shops that offer jewelriesthat ranges from the expensive ones down to the budget types. You can also find on sale and discounted products from online shops. You can also check e-commerce sites to find second hand jewelries. To get more ideas, check on discussion boards to find out which suppliers are reliable.

Go direct to websites

Another way to buy fashionable statement jewelry is by going directly to the website of a trusted jewelry supplier. Choose to shop in an online supplier that offers high quality jewelry at a reasonable price. Avoid looking for utterly cheap jewelries because you never know what the catch might be. To save on accessories such as earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants, look for discounted items instead of looking for cheap jewelries. You can also save money by using promo codes that you can use every time you shop for jewelries. For a hassle-free experience, read customer feedback and product reviews before you place your purchase from a supplier.

Shop from local jewelry shops

Another excellent source of jewelries and accessories are the local jewelry shops near you. When you want to buy fashionable statement jewelry, you can also check from the pawnshops in your area for auctioned jewelries as they are generally cheaper but you can be sure of their quality. The good thing about buying from local sources is you can personally peruse the items and even try them on to help you decide.