The Benefits Of Illustrated Maps To People

The Benefits Of Illustrated Maps To People

Ever since the invention and use of map in the history of mankind, there is no denying the value it has to humans. Even during the time of our ancestors, map is already being used though a more primitive kind. These maps are so different from the maps used in the modern times. This is thanks to technological innovations that made it possible to have maps that are full of illustrations and user friendly. These maps are now available online courtesy of various map makers. One of the greatest advantage that one can get from having an illustrated map with them while travelling is that they will feel less isolated and alone in a place they are not familiar with since they have a handy guide to refer to when needed.

Unlike the regular road maps used, illustrated maps are usually done without giving too much importance in scaling – in fact, it is often overlooked. Using scales on illustrated maps are not possible since it will take more time to make and the amount of space required is endless. Thus it is the most notable practice of illustrated map makers – to take scaling for granted.

A typical illustrated map is made with the help of a sketching table, paint, pens and paper. All of these things are necessary in order for the artist to create the territory’s rough sketch. The first sketch is usually not the final one as there will be quite a few, or many, changes along the way. Once everything is final and approved by the creator or the client, the map can then be made through the help of electronic painting and water colors. The map made at this point can still be altered if there are any changes needed. This task is quite easy with the help of layers and groups. Map illustrations are not just a powerful tool in helping viewers get to wherever they need to go but it is also created more artistically which makes the final outcome more appealing to the human eyes.

Dramatic Change On The Ceiling Through Fitzhugh Decorators

Dramatic Change On The Ceiling Through Fitzhugh Decorators

In home remodeling projects, the ceiling is almost always overlooked; however Fitzhugh Decorators thought of a dramatic and stylish change instead of a simple white ceiling that is unexciting and dull. I never realized that are many possibilities to give the celling its own personality.
The most common improvement made on the ceiling is to give it a new coat of paint in a lighter shade from the rest of the room. In bedrooms, it is common to paint the celling with murals including stars or sky scenes. Not anymore, bold finishes and dramatic wallpapers including decorative pattern are now part of an overall ceiling design.

White is not the only ceiling color because different colors can add a bit of drama on a room. Fitzhugh decorators thought it would be great to give the ceiling color that will complement with the room’s décor and furniture. It looks fun and it certainly transformed the ambiance of the room.
A perfect ceiling design usually depends on the space, the overall theme of the room and the surrounding walls. There is a wide range of colors to choose from including textures and patterns. Painting the ceiling with a lighter shade is very common. A room can be personalized by decorating the ceiling in stunning color to look chic and exceptional.
Here are a few tips from professionals:
• The ceiling is should be part of overall design because it can make a dramatic impact like lighting, flooring and window treatments.
• Walls should not enjoy all the fun because the ceiling is a blank canvass waiting to be explored. The ceiling should not be intimidating; it must provide drama. Throw some color and have fun.
• If you are thinking of a pattern on the ceiling, ensure a visual connection that will seamlessly create interest at eye level.
• Rooms that have high ceilings can have light walls and dark ceilings that create a cozy feel. On a small space, lighter color on the ceiling can make it look taller.
• Painting the ceiling and walls in the same color can create a continuous flow because the eyes can travel upwards without interruption.

Disasters You May Encounter If You Neglect Your Gutters

Disasters You May Encounter If You Neglect Your Gutters

Gutter cleaning and servicing would create wonders for you if you frequently do them. It is always important to have your gutters cleaned and keeping them well-maintained and it does not matter whether you hire a professional cleaning service to do this or if you opt to do the job yourself just as long as you keep them at tiptop condition.

The importance of doing this is based on the outcome of neglecting them. When you ignore your gutters, you would be met with a couple of disasters that are sure to frustrate and stress you out. Here are some of the problems you would encounter if you choose to neglect your gutters.

  1. LEAKS
  • The most common problem you would encounter is a leaking gutter. The good news is that this problem is easy to find and easy to fix. But when you ignore a leak, you should also know that it would soon develop into a more serious problem so it is best if you repair them quickly.
  • When your gutters are clogged then you can expect the rainwater to overflow. When this happens, this can cause considerable damage to other parts of your house especially your roofs. You would encounter roof leaks and oftentimes you encounter them too late because they tend to accumulate inside the ceiling before they become noticeable.
  • You should know that most of the time, the water is drained down near the lowest part of the house. Basement leaks are dangerous as they can cause gas leaks and even electrocution.
  • Water can rot the wood. When this happens, your house’s foundation becomes weaker.
  • Know that moisture can lead to infestation because bugs tend to follow where the moisture is. Ants, termites, mosquitoes, you name them!
  • When there is excess water, it can sometimes lead to the sidewalk and the driveway. The sagging and the water can cause cracks on the driveway.
  • When the excess water leads to the landscape of your home, you can expect it to damage the plants. Too much water will drown the plants, make them dull or even kill them.
My Most Memorable Experience Of Learning To Sail

My Most Memorable Experience Of Learning To Sail

I discovered the Canary Islands when I visited Tenerife during one of its traditional festivities. It was a whole new experience because of the favorable weather conditions and the party atmosphere. However, one of my most memorable experiences was learning basic sailing and seamanship through Rya Sailing Courses.

With the Rya Sailing Courses, I became an active participant in the sailing holiday. From my point of view, it is different when you know the intimate details of a boat and how it relates to different elements in the environment. On my next sailing holiday, I can appoint myself as the skipper and gain a new experience. Perhaps, I can take a more advanced sailing course later to broaden my knowledge and learn more about sailing larger boats.

On the other hand, there are a few things everyone should know if they are planning a sailing holiday in the Canary Islands. The temperature is very favorable at 20 degrees during summer but wintertime has winds coming mainly from the northwest with an average wind speed of about 4 knots. If you are not prepared for challenges, I suggest a sailing holiday during summer to have a smooth and fun experience. However, sailboat holiday rates during summer can be extremely expensive because it is the peak season.

Bareboat sailing holiday in the Canaries was one of my best experiences. It was my first taste of being a skipper. The skills I learned from Rya Sailing Courses were finally put to a test. However, I also hired an experienced crew because it was winter and I was not yet too confident of my new skills. While I love challenges, it is safer to have someone beside me to take care of the boat.

Everywhere in the Canaries is a theme of simplicity without the concrete jungle that we are too familiar with back home. Lanzarote has that volcanic atmosphere like it has just experienced an eruption. However, it has spectacular sandy beaches without a mass of people. The Canary Islands is also one of the best places for snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing and windsurfing.

Pokhara, Nepal – The Ultimate Place For Relaxation

Pokhara, Nepal

Photograph courtesy of Angeli C. Picazo (November 10, 2012)

Pokhara in Nepal is the ultimate place to go if you want a vacation filled with relaxation. I have travelled different parts of the world but nothing beats Pokhara with its spectacular snowy peaks, majestic greenery and serene lakes. The majestic Annapurna is the perfect backdrop for the major lakes, Phewa, Rupa and Begnas. Pokhara owes its popularity to the enchanting Phewa Lake with the thriving resort town that is the destination of many tourists. Visitors who want to enjoy the bewitching beauty of Pokhara can stay at hotels with their own restaurants, bars and boutique shops. We rented a boat to visit the famed temple of Barahi that is located right in the middle of the lake.

In recent years, Pokhara has gained a lot of popularity among adventurers, who want to paraglide or trek on the mountains of Annapurna. Annapurna is where some of the most popular treks are offered but instead of the long trails, we chose the shorter treks on the Annapurra Conservation Area that were offered for amateurs trekkers. Annapurna is one of the most dangerous mountains and it is only for professionals. The town of Pokhara serves as the starting point for the treks that offer a lot of cultural experience.

Trekking the Annapurna Conservation Area is easy because there are villages along the way with incredibly diverse scenery of mountains and lowland villages. The entire trekking area is inhabited and the villagers were friendly and helpful.


Photograph courtesy of Angeli C. Picazo (November 10, 2012)

Why is the house round? Built from stone and clay plaster, round houses are claimed to survive earthquakes and other disasters. According to the villagers, round houses are warmer and stronger to withstand winds but accommodating modern furniture and appliances will be a problem. Each year, the round house is repainted in time for the Dasain festivals that are held in late September or early October. In preparation for the festival, every home is cleaned, repainted and decorated so that the house will be blessed with good fortune. However, building of round houses is now becoming a lost art.