Finding For The Perfect Place To Stay In Bangkok

Finding For The Perfect Place To Stay In Bangkok

Are you planning to travel for the holidays? Have you picked up a place yet? If you wanted a place where you can relax while enjoying the most out of what the place has to offer, then you might want to consider Bangkok, Thailand as your travel destination.

Thailand has been one of the Southeast Asian countries that are frequented by people of different nationalities throughout the year. It has a rich culture that visitors would find charming and wonderful. Moreover, they have beautiful landmarks as well as beguiling landscapes that would definitely make your stay worthwhile. The country ensures that you will never regret adding Thailand to your travel itineraries.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. As the heart of the country, it has some of the biggest and grandest commercial buildings such as hotels, shopping malls, and clubs in the country. If you are the type of person who likes walking around and not much into traveling, you can choose a hotel near Central World. Central World is one of the biggest shopping malls in Bangkok. So why choose hotels near this commercial establishment? Here is a list of the benefits of finding a place to stay near Central World.

  • Since your place is near the shopping mall, you can always walk along the streets and shop without having to spend more money for traveling.
  • The Central World is in the centre of the city. Thus, it will be easier for you to walk from one place to another.
  • Hotel staff is definitely accommodating. They will ensure every client’s satisfaction while staying in their hotels.
  • There are also great dining places and even tennis courts near the area. They are all in close proximity so you don’t have to travel farther.

Of course, after a day of enjoying the country, what better way to end it than to stay in a room that would feel like home? Moreover, what better place to stay than the ones right in the heart of the city and next to commercial buildings like malls? The hotels are some of the best hotels in the city. So enjoy your visit in Thailand and have a worthwhile experience.

What Is An Adult Only Accommodation?

What Is An Adult Only Accommodation?

You might be enjoying your vacation when out of nowhere, you hear screaming toddlers, kids running around the hallway and teens who are whining about not being able to do as they want. This is why adult only accommodations were born. If you have not heard of this type of travel accommodation before, this article will shed some light on the tops.

First off, adults only accommodation does not entail that there will be nudity or adult-themed parties. This only means that the guests will be able to get their much needed rest and relaxation without being disturbed by kids, teens and families who are always busy and yes, noisy. You have the chance to longue by the pool without kids running around or screaming their lungs out. You will get to enjoy a quiet dinner at the hotel’s restaurant with your partner or companion. Getting a good night’s sleep is also not a problem because of noise-free ambiance.

There are now many accommodations that offer couples only or adult only setting. You can search online for accommodations near your next vacation spot. You can also ask around with friends who have tried the adult only travel accommodation. There are many options to choose from such as a standard hotel, cruise of an all-inclusive resort. There are resorts that accept families but have dedicated adult-only areas while there are those that are strictly for adults. An all-inclusive accommodation is recommended because you will be served with three meals every day during your stay, there are goods and services that comes along with the booking price such as spa treatment or trip to nearby tourist spots.

Before booking, make sure to ask if the hotel has an adult-only area. If you have no idea where to find such accommodation, contact your local travel agency. You can also search online where there are a number of results such as couples only accommodation Port Douglas. Once you have picked the one you want, plan your itinerary to fully enjoy an adult only vacation.

What to Prepare When You Visit La Gomera

What to Prepare When You Visit La Gomera

La Gomera is one of the smallest islands of Canary in the northwest coast of Africa. Having a sub-tropical climate makes the place a favorite tourist destination by those who want to escape the biting winter in their home countries. La Gomera is surrounded by calm, blue waters and is rich with lush volcanic mountains that are ideal for trail biking or hiking and other outdoor activities. Staying in La Gomera will not bore you in any way because the place offers various activities involving the waters, mountains and outdoors, in general.  If you are planning to visit La Gomera and experience lots of sun and fresh air, you should then prepare for it and do the following tips:

Plan your activities

In order to maximize your time in La Gomera, plan your days well. Come up with an itinerary which includes the activities that you want to do in the island. To help you on this, make a research on the activities offered in the island. If you are into mountain biking, find out if there are mountain bikes that you can rent or if you need to take a mountain bike with you. If you have already booked in a hotel, visit their website and find out what activities you can engage in while in the island.

Prepare light and comfortable clothes

Take note that you are going to visit La Gomera; a sub-tropical area so for awhile, forget about your thick winter jackets and take along light and comfortable clothes with you. The place invites you to bask in the sun and engage in outdoor activities so pack a handful of comfortable clothing such as short pants, sleeveless, cotton shirts, slippers and other clothing materials that promote comfort.

Take personal necessities

When you visit La Gomera, make sure that you take along some important items. Keep a small bag for your personal necessities such as sun block, hydrating lotions, moisturizers and hand sanitizers. If you are thinking about doing a trail hike, make sure that take an insect repellent with you.

Breathtaking Islands Near Phuket

Thailand is blessed with gorgeous beaches and numerous islands. Phuket, which is the largest island in the country, is located in the Southern part of Thailand and is on the west facing the Andaman Sea. The island is home to a lot of luxury seaside resorts, international hotel chains, spas and restaurants. Phuket can get pretty crowded sometimes, and the great thing is that it is has so many islands near it.

If you want to see more and explore away from the tourist resort town, here are several breathtaking islands near Phuket definitely worth it.

Coral Island

Known as Koh Hae, it is an island which is only 15 minutes away from Phuket via speedboat. You can spend your day playing in its beautiful shoreline. There are a couple of beaches here, and the Coral Island Resort offers small bungalows set on the beach.

Koh Bon

Koh Bon is another island near to Phuket, which can be easily reached from Rawai Beach on a longtail boat. There are two beaches; one is reserved for Evason Resort’s guests, while the other one houses the Bon Restaurant, a popular place for lunch and a lazy day in the beach, as well as for several water activities.

Similan Islands

The Similan Islands are the diamonds of the Andaman Sea. You are not going to need great photography skills to get really striking photos. It is ideal for you to spend two days here, since the trip is quite tiring. But, the best part is you are going to have the beach all to yourself during mornings.

Phi Phi island

Phi Phi is already a very visited island, and after it was featured in the movie The Beach, it grew even more famous. This is the destination for the younger travelers that want to party in a tropical island.

Racha island

This island is a tiny hideaway located 12 miles south from Phuket, which is around 30 minutes by speedboat or 2 hours by boat. This is known as a clear diving site.

If you truly want to see the islands near Phuket in a different way, a luxurious way, you can also opt for a Phuket yacht charter, where you have ultimate privacy and the choice to go to several islands of your liking. You will truly have a memorable experience, one that you won’t forget the rest of your life.



Why Koh Samui Is The Next Thailand Destination

Why Koh Samui Is The Next Thailand Destination

Koh Samui is definitely paradise for travelers that are looking for an island that offers a complete getaway. This island destination offers all things you will need for that perfect vacation: gorgeous beaches, numerous water activities, vibrant night life, great spa treatments and luxury accommodations.

Wonderful surroundings

The Angthong National Marine Park is a way to see the wonderful surroundings of the island. It is a collection of about 42 limestone islands that are scattered in 102 square kilometres of water and reef. It is very inviting to snorkel or dive, or even kayak around its cliff faces and caves.

Charming mountain interior

Aside from Koh Samui’s amazing white sand beaches and its turquoise waters, it has exotic rainforests which adorn the island’s mountain interior. If you want to experience idyllic Samui, you can see breath-taking views, safari parks and waterfalls which are located in the centre of the island.

Vibrant night life

Koh Samui is also a place to do some heavy partying. The island is famous for its beach bars, fun discos, high end clubs and lounges. Whether you want to party all night or enjoy a night out with dinner under the stars or a walk in a beach, Koh Samui will amaze you with its vibrant night life.

Great spa treatments

Koh Samui is popular for its Asian beauty secrets and new age therapies. The island wants to pamper its tourists with great spa treatments. It is no surprise that Koh Samui is Thailand’s spa capital. There are dedicated programs for detox, health, weight loss or yoga. These are going to stimulate your mind, body and soul.

Modern and luxurious accommodations

It is no longer a surprise that the island already became a modern island in the east coast of Thailand. It offers some of the most picturesque and breath-taking beaches found across the world, an amazing under water life and a beautiful mountain interior. All of the Koh Samui’s natural wonders are greatly balanced by its hotels, villas and resorts. The island has varying accommodation units for every budget and taste, from super expensive international hotel chains to affordable but stylish Koh Samui boutique hotels.


How To Lower Travel And Thailand Beach Villas Cost

How To Lower Travel And Thailand Beach Villas Cost

Travelling can be exciting. There’s no amount that can ever compensate experience. However, it is a reality that you would have to spend a good amount of money for travel although there are effective ways to reduce the costs. If you want to have fun, get rejuvenated and relaxed; find Thailand beach villas with rates that are within your reach without comprising quality and safety of your stay. Here are some tips:

Rent longer term

Generally, the longer you stay in a hotel, the cheaper the rates become. Thus, if your time can afford it, rent a beach villa longer. This way, you get to stay and enjoy the place longer without having to overspend.

Travel during off season

One of the “open secrets” of slashing huge amount of travel costs is by having your travel during off season. During off peak, room rates are lower, offered adventures around the area including equipment such as Jet Ski, kayak, diving gears, etc. and island hopping are offered at a lower price. Equipment owners and service providers are willing to negotiate when tourists are low so take advantage and haggle for the lowest price possible.

Cook your own food

Most Thailand beach villas are complete with kitchen amenities. If you intend to stay longer and even for a few days, cook and prepare your own food and cocktails and you’d be surprised at how big the savings would be. If cooking is not your thing, try out the local delicacies and even street food to appreciate the place’s culture and also to have something to add to travel memories. They say you haven’t experienced the place if you haven’t tasted their food.

Use budget transportation

You can also reduce your travel costs by choosing how and where you are going to take your transportation. Choose budget airlines. If you will book ahead, you might get the cheapest airfare for the season. There are Thailand beach villas that offer complimentary taxi rides from the airport to the hotel and vice versa. It’s all a matter of doing some good research.

Thailand Nightlife – All-Night Party In Bangkok

Thailand Nightlife – All-Night Party In Bangkok

Apart from Thailand’s street food, another popular reason for travelers to visit Thailand is Bangkok’s nightlife. In fact, nightlife in Thailand is one of the aspects of entertainment that is most talked about. After spending the whole day shopping, you can relax at one of Thailand’s all-night bars and bond with the locals over a few bottles of beer.

Tourists who love the night life can be go partying all night long; however, locals who have to work the following day often limit their enjoyment to a few hours. Locals do party all night during the weekends when they do not have to worry about work. After enjoying a tasty dinner, you can sort of merge into the party. It may come as a surprise to many but in Thailand night clubs, there is no discrimination. No matter your gender, religious orientation or social status, you are always welcome to participate in the fun.

Because Thailand is located in the tropical zone, it is acceptable to wear flip flops and shorts or jeans and sandals. Clubs that cater to backpackers and tourists do not require a particular mode of dress except for the more prestigious ones that cater to the affluent wherein cocktail dresses, long pants and closed shoes are the norm.

Not all bars and clubs remain open all night. There are those that stay open until 12 midnight or 2am meaning you can start partying at about 10 or 11 pm and still have fun for a few hours. Partying usually involves an authentic Thai dinner accompanied by either beer or Thai whiskey and soda water. Western music is popular in most Thai bars and clubs. I am absolutely sure that you are familiar with the pop music, latest rock hits and hip hop played by local bands. However, for a more traditional experience, try the karaoke bars that play old hits while you are drinking liquor.

Thailand Nightlife can be enjoyed in Bangkok as well as Phuket and Pattaya. If you want a different kind of fun, connect with locals through your mobile to enjoy a unique after dark experience.