How To Rent A Boat In Phuket

How To Rent A Boat In Phuket

To experience the best out of the waters of Phuket, you can engage in several water activities such as snorkelling, fish watching, wakeboarding, island hopping and of course, you also have the option to rent a boat in Phuket for you to do more exciting things such as sailing and diving. If you are thinking about hiring a boat for your sea adventure in Thailand, you can take the following suggestions as your guide.

Research for a service provider

To hire the right company, it would be best to do your research prior to your actual travel. If you start your search when you are already in Phuket, you might not have enough to do a thorough research because you can get busy with other activities. Chances are, you might just hire the first company that offers rent a boat in Phuket and you might end up regretting the experience. Take time to read reviews when you see a viable company then check their boat facilities, the license of the boat crew and similar other aspects.

Contact the company

If you have a shortlist of at least three boat rental companies, contact the company to find out if the boat or arrangement that you want is available on the day of your trip. Ask for other relevant information such as how you can lower the rates and if they have deals and promos that you can avail.

Book in advance

To further ensure that you will have a boat on the date that you need, book in advance. There are boat rental companies that offer discounts to early booking. It is also ideal to book ahead if you are travelling to Thailand during tourist or summer season.

Get ready for the trip

When you have rent a boat in Phuket and you have done the early booking, it’s time to prepare for the actual trip. Have your beachwear, sunscreen, the right eye wear and other items ready. Make sure that you secure your passport, extra money and other valuables with you all throughout the trip.

Things To Remember Before Booking At Low-Cost Carriers

Things To Remember Before Booking At Low-Cost Carriers

Thailand has always been a backpacker’s paradise because of cheap accommodations and food. Years ago, a decent room can be booked for a few dollars and even with the rising costs of tourism-associated products and services it is still quite easy to find budget accommodation in Bangkok. Even the 5-star brands cost less compared to other countries like Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong.

One of the ways a traveller can cut costs when travelling is to book a flight with a budget airline. Sometimes the cost of the flight is too good to be true. However, it is important to know more about the airline before you book.

  1. Confirm whether the connecting flight will actually take you and your luggage all the way through on the single booking. There is nothing worse than realizing that there is not enough time between flights to go to immigration and then collect your luggage to board another flight.
  2. Prior to booking, know enough about baggage allowance particularly if you are planning to book with a low-cost carrier. Determine the weight allowed for baggage that can you take on board. This is very important if there are little kids travelling with you because the pram, stroller and car seat might not be included in the baggage allowance. Know how much the airline charges for extra baggage because it might be more than you expected.
  3. Booking in a low-cost carrier means you cannot expect pillows, blankets or free snacks. The personal amenities and luxuries that you have come to expect from other airlines are sorely missing in budget airlines.
  4. Since some carriers operate from different airports, make sure that your arrival location will not be on an obscure airport that is quite far from your hotel. If you have kids, you might as well book for airport transfer to avoid the queue at the airports.

Even if Bangkok is a popular tourist destination, you have no worries when it comes to accommodation. Good value for the price paid can be enjoyed at budget accommodation in Bangkok. If you are not satisfied with the room you have booked, there is free upgrade to the next category.

Anada Hua Hin: The Best Resort In Hua Hin

Anada Hua Hin: The Best Resort In Hua Hin

For starters, the town of Hua Hin is located in the southern province of Prachuap Khiri Khan, in the Kingdom of Thailand. It’s used to be a village whose primary livelihood was fishing since it’s sitting by the Gulf of Thailand. But after the 1920’s, the town started to evolve as a vacation escape for Bangkok residents ever since the Royal Family of Thailand started building palaces where they would be staying during their summer vacation. Since then, Hua Hin has become famous because it has the perfect spots for kitesurfing and other water sports. Aside from a great line-up of hotels and resorts, mostly luxury ones, the town of Hua Hin also has a great variety of seafood shacks for seafood lovers to choose from. Now, let’s say you’re considering taking your well-deserved summer break in Hua Hin. You certainly need a nice place to stay in. if you have extra cash to spare and want to experience the best vacation you can possibly imagine, then stay at Amada in Hua Hin, the best resort in Hua Hin.

To begin with, Anada has been considered as the oldest by-the-sea resort in Thailand and it has two of the royal places built by the royal family back in the 1920’s. The resort is two and a half hours away from the city of Bangkok and it’s also positioned away from the busyness and noise of Hua Hin town proper. Aside from the luxurious rooms and suites which guests can choose from depending on their taste and budget allotted, one reason why Anada has been the best resort in Hua Hin for the longest period of time is because it offers a wide variety of dining experience and options to tend to every taste buds. In fact, there are many places to dine in at Anada. For example, you can experience international cuisine at Staa’s. For quick snacks, you can simply go to Aqua for poolside bites. For a more luxurious dining experience, head over to Blue Biscuit at evenings to get a taste of some of their specialty drinks while listening to live musical performances.

Tips On How To Book The Perfect Hotel Room

Tips On How To Book The Perfect Hotel Room

Every person is different thus we have different preferences. The same goes when choosing hotel rooms in Bangkok. Some might be partial to the view of the room and is not picky with the interior while others are more comfortable in staying inside duplex rooms in Bangkok. When booking a hotel room, here are a number of factors you must take into consideration to make sure that your room is the ideal one for you.

  • Think about what you like in a hotel room in terms of view, space available and location. You may think that it is unnecessary since you already know what you want but these wants changes along with the purpose of the hotel room booking. If you are staying in a hotel room but will be working most of the time, you might want to have a big enough desk area while couples on a honeymoon might prefer rooms with private balconies or a spa tub. Before booking, list your preferences. In terms of room size, there are guests that prefer a spacious room. For location, some might want a room on the highest floors while others prefer to be on the ground or first level because it is more accessible.
  • Remain kind and always be clear. The staff at the front desk should always be treated with kindness but guests should not hesitate to complain if they think something is not right with their accommodation. Guests should not settle for an okay accommodation but they should be happy with it.
  • Do not be afraid to ask the right questions. Even if you have asked during booking, upon check in, make sure to ask the front desk again if there are any events happening inside the hotel. This way you will be able to have a peaceful stay.
  • Make sure to maximize your stay. If you have book duplex rooms in Bangkok, make sure that you get the most of your stay. Utilize free amenities such as the swimming pool and the fitness gym. If they have complimentary drinks, do not be shy to have one. They even offer small freebies and discounts that might make your stay better.
How To Find Beach Resorts Near In Bangkok

How To Find Beach Resorts Near In Bangkok

If you are planning to visit Thailand, the one thing that you would definitely look for is a place to stay while in the country such as beach resorts near in Bangkok. There are numerous beach resorts and villas that suit your needs and your budget. It’s all just a matter of doing a good research and finding the right resort for you. To jump start your search, here are some ideas.

Refer to the internet

If you are not sure where to start your search, refer to the internet and you can never go wrong with it. There are third party sites that you can visit or to be sure you can go directly to the official website of the beach resort. One of the benefits of checking websites is that you can find deals and perks offered by the hotel. You can also check on review sites to find noteworthy beach resorts that these sites recommend. There arealso websites that provide ratings to hotels and this can also help you decide in choosing the hotel where you can stay.

Ask the locals

Another way to find excellent beach resorts near in Bangkok is by asking the locals. After all, no one can be more familiar with Bangkok but the locals themselves. Ask for recommendations and the usual hotel or resort where tourists and travellers prefer when visiting Bangkok. You can also refer to Thailand’s tourism agency for recommended hotels and even from their local review board for hotels and beach resorts.

Contact your friends

If you have friends who recently visited Thailand or anywhere in Bangkok, try to gather information as to where they booked their reservations and if they can confidently recommend the hotel to you. It would also be a good thing to ask your friends who are in Bangkok for popular resorts that they can recommend. You may also want to ask for beach resorts near in Bangkok that are affordable and suited to your budget. Indicate your budget when searching for beach resorts to narrow your options.

Trends That Best Boutique Hotel In Inverness Employ

Trends That Best Boutique Hotel In Inverness Employ

Choosing where hotel you will be staying at is not as easy as doing your weekly grocery duties at your trusted local supermarket within your neighbourhood. You see, a hotel room will be your home regardless if it’s a short term or a long term stay. Now the longer your stay will be, the more careful you should be when choosing the hotel you will be staying at. In choosing where hotel where you will be staying at, it’s important that you know what of hotel is that hotel which you are currently talking to. There are many kinds of hotels nowadays such as the boutique, business and luxury kind of hotels. Now, the industry of hospitality is quickly evolving and adapting to the now mostly-digitalized lifestyle that we are living in right now. Let’s say you are visiting Scotland in the future. And you’re wondering what the best boutique hotel in Inverness to stay in during your hard-earned vacation trip.

Knowing the best boutique hotel in Inverness that will give you the most of out your money is a good practice but knowing the trends it employs and why they are trending nowadays is equally a good practice because it will give you more ideas on choosing among the boutique hotels that you are choosing from. Now, below are some of the newest trends that can help define the best boutique hotel of today:

  • Great locations- Nowadays, some of the best boutique hotels in the world are strategically located in convenient parts of the city. Usually, you will find them at locations that are peaceful and quiet, giving vacationists privacy and intimacy that you don’t usually get elsewhere.
  • Unique experience- What makes boutique hotel stand among the rest is that it has the ability to give vacationists a unique experience they will not forget. For example, staying at the best boutique hotel in Inverness will give you an exclusive access spa facilities which are good for relaxing your tired body and soul.
  • Deign and decoration- One of the most known features of a boutique hotel nowadays is that it has an awesome design. Each room is designed and decorated uniquely. Newer boutique hotels now have spacious rooftop for parties and other events.
Travel Time: Da Nang Weather

Travel Time: Da Nang Weather

When you’re traveling abroad, it’s important to know where you’re going. Not just the tourist spots or the dangers, or the culture, but also the weather. The season. The climate. That can decide whether your vacation is great, or just plain unsatisfactory. For those with a reservation for a hotel in Danang, here’s the info you need so your vacation doesn’t leave you feeling hung and dry.

  • General Info
    • Vietnam and its cities are located in Southeast Asia, meaning their tropical in climate with some monsoons to go about breaking the monotony of the mild temperatures that dominate the year.
  • Seasons
    • As a Southeast Asian country, Vietnam has a monsoon season, a period marked by high heat and rain. Lots and lots of rain. An umbrella is practically necessary during this timeframe, which falls around September and ends at about March. The temperature can fluctuate from as low 18 degrees Celsius, to the warmer 31 degree range. There have been some flooding in the past, but those are the more spectacular cases of turbulent weather.

      The dry season is from April to August, where the heat kicks up and the humidity sets in, with average temperature around 35 degrees Celsius, especially around the time between the months of May and September. If you’re visiting for the summer weather, be warned. Around this time is when the locals flock to Da Nang, meaning that this timeframe is when the crowds are largest and the traffic thickest.

  • Best Time for a Visit?
    • The best time to reserve for a hotel in Danang is around February to May. This is when the climate’s making its transition, allowing for just the right weather for tourists to go out, and soak in the sights on foot or motorcycle with neither the risk of heat stroke from the scorching heat or flu from the pouring monsoon rain. The water temperature, sitting at about 25 degrees Celsius, makes for the perfect beachside weather, great for soaking up some vitamin D and relaxing at the beach, or just hanging out in that hotel in Danang.