Benefits Of Employing Corporate Catering In Sydney

Like it or not, one of the few time workers enjoy being at work is during their lunch time. And let’s face it, having lunch at your workplace is a bit bearable if the pantry of your office has some nice menu to offer so you don’t need to go out of the office just to go to the nearest Mc Donald’s just to have lunch. Now, there are many offices that have been employing corporate catering in Sydney which serves lunch for the employees. You see, there are numerous benefits for corporations and their respective employees if they allow a catering company to take care of their lunch at work and below are just some of them:

  • One of the most enjoyed benefits of corporations who opt to have their pantries manned by companies who excel in handling corporate catering in Sydney and in other cities in the world is that employees can now how have healthier lunch while in their workplace. This include gourmet sandwiches, healthy salads, fruit platters and even, grazing platters. Such catering services are also useful for corporate meetings and formal gatherings that are sorely in need of corporate-style of dining. A healthy lunch can make employees and eventually, it will enhance the productivity level of the employees when performing their respective duties at work.
  • Another benefit of employing corporate catering in Sydney is that employers in big corporation can actually offer free meals at work in exchange for shorter lunch break. You see, when you have someone who is catering the lunch of your employees, it shortens the time needed by employees to go out and look for lunch. With an accredited caterer in placed during lunch, employees can simply line up at the buffet table, choose whatever they want to eat and, take their lunch, all for free. When your employees spend lesser time during lunch, it means more productivity for them because they willhave more time to spend doing their work for the day. Just imagine what a 6-minute decrease in time spent by employees for lunch. That would be an additional hour of working for the employees on a 9-hour shift.
How To Ensure The Authenticity Of Diamond Jewellery

How To Ensure The Authenticity Of Diamond Jewellery

Before you go shopping for a diamond ring, it is important to ensure that the stone you are buying comes with a certificate. While the 4 C’s is a good basis for choosing a diamond ring, a certificate means that what you are buying is exactly how the jeweller described the stone. Buying from a reliable jeweller gives you the peace of mind that you are getting what you paid for.

A brief insight into the diamond certification

A diamond certificate is like a blueprint of the stone that includes its interior and exterior characteristics. The certificate identifies the exact weight right up to a point (for example, 0.97 carats), cut, clarity, colour and other facets like symmetry and polish. When you go to the jewellery store, ask the sales person that you would like to see the certificate.

There are some accepted diamond certificates that are used all over the world. The most common ones include:

  • Gemological Institute of America (GIA) that is recognized by diamond experts all over the globe. Every certified diamond must be accompanied by a GIA Grading Report which is an objective assessment of the stone based on shape, carat weight, measurement, polish, symmetry and many more. Diamonds that have been certified with higher ratings are more valuable in the marketplace.
  • International Gemological Institute (IGI) is an independent organization that provides a comprehensive analysis and clear documentation for diamond consumers. A certificate from IGI makes you confident of the diamond ring you bought from the jeweller.
  • European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) certificate is more than just a document. It provides a clear and concise evaluation of the stone using a subjective method of grading.
  • American Gem Society (AGS) is more associated to the grading of ideally cut diamonds for brilliance. Thorough details are provided in the certificate including internal and external blemishes.

Choosing a diamond ring must not be complicated; however, you have to be confident that what you are buying is genuine. The process is simplified when you buy certified diamond jewellery because a trusted organization has made an honest and authentic evaluation. The certificate of authenticity guarantees the stone’s quality and value for your peace of mind.

How To Choose A Diamond Engagement Ring That Does Not Cost A Fortune

How To Choose A Diamond Engagement Ring That Does Not Cost A Fortune

The tradition of giving a ring during engagement dates back to many years ago. Since engagement means that there is a commitment to marry at a certain date, it has become a tradition to give a diamond ring as a symbol of the commitment. Because diamond rings are expensive, it is important to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money.

The prices of diamonds are dependent on carat weight and size. Manufacturers know how to cut critical weights because the pricing is tiered accordingly. If the budget is not enough, try to find something along the 0.95 carat instead of 1 carat. It is essentially the same thing but the 0.95 carat engagement ring will be cheaper.

When there was no internet, people buy engagement rings from jewellers. Nowadays, it is more convenient to buy from online stores because prices are more affordable and selection is far larger. If you will check, there is usually a 20% difference between the prices of a physical jewellery store and an online store. Another important tip is to buy loose stones and have them set into a ring. It can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

The worst time to buy a diamond engagement ring is between June and August because the months are the peak season for weddings. Even if you plan for a wedding during these months, purchase the engagement during summer. According to jewellers, summer is a slow month and prices are usually flexible.

There are different diamond settings but what suits the fiancée best? Majority prefer the round diamond which is more expensive because the high demand. Non-traditional shapes are less expensive and they are becoming quite fashionable. Non-conventional brides will be happy with a fancy shaped diamond engagement ring.

There is not fixed rule when buying a diamond engagement ring. While the round brilliant cuts are best sellers, there are contemporary settings for an active lifestyle. To make a perfect choice for the engagement ring, observe the habits and tastes of your fiancée including the styles of the jewellery that she frequently wears. From there, you can choose an engagement ring to suit her taste.

The Most Exquisite Garden Wedding Venues In Perth

The Most Exquisite Garden Wedding Venues In Perth

Who doesn’t want to get married in a garden wedding ceremony? There is really something so special about having your wedding in an open space, with fresh air, the sun shining and while surrounded by trees and all your loved ones.

In Perth, there are numerous garden wedding venues with stunning backdrops making for the best photographs. I have listed some of the most beautiful locations to do the wedding ceremony and the reception both in one location.

Matilda Bay

This is located near the banks of the Swan River. Matilda Bay offers an excellent panoramic view of the city with its lawns that overlook the river. They have three function rooms for the reception and also an alfresco area.



Assured Ascot Quays

This is also near Swan River. Assured Ascot Quays has a choice between outdoor and indoor wedding venues. You can opt to do the ceremony overlooking the Swan River then have your pre-dinner drinks in their terrace. The terrace is magical during evenings specially when lit with lanterns or fairy lights.



Carilley Estate

This is located in the Swan Valley and is a one of a kind wedding venue. It is surrounded by exquisite cottage gardens and luscious vineyards. It is a perfect location for any garden wedding.



Sandalford Winery

This is also in Swan Valley. Sandalford Winery has two beautiful ceremony lawns. You can choose from one that overlooks the vineyards and lakes or one that is near historic vines.



Chapel Farm

This is a truly versatile venue in Perth. The Chapel Farm has a lakeside setting, having landscaped gardens, rose bushes and native plants. For the reception, there are options of alfresco, lakeside or indoor dining.



Millbrook Winery

This is located in Jarrahdale which is one hour away from Perth. Millbrook Winery offers a location away from the bustling city. It has countryside views with their ceremonies set near the lake with tree lined walkways.



I hope I was able to help you with the search for your garden wedding venue. As a tip, make sure you are well-prepared about any changes in the weather, it helps to talk with your wedding coordinator about a Marquee Hire in Perth.

Why You Need To Hire A Wedding Planner

Why You Need To Hire A Wedding Planner

It is every little girl’s dream to get married someday with their prince and once they have been engaged, they can’t wait to start the wedding planning. The hard truth is that the planning process is not all about having fun, there are a lot of things that need to be done before the special day. There will come a time that the bride and groom might feel overwhelmed with it all and might consider hiring a wedding consultant.

A wedding consultant is a professional in what they do and they will do almost all or all of the things that needs to be accomplished for your big day. He or she will help you find the right vendors, teach you proper etiquette, choose the accessories and pay attention to even the smallest details. The professional wedding consultant will have various contacts as well as skills which are needed to organize everything in a seamless manner. This will also help you enjoy the process by dealing with less stress. If you are not convinced that you should hire a wedding consultant, read the reasons why you should below.

  • If you have a full time job that keeps you busy on a daily basis or you have something going on that keeps you from focusing on the wedding planning then a wedding consultant is someone you need. He or she can help you set up appointments with vendors and if you can’t make it, he or she can attend in your place. A wedding planner will also help you choose the invitation style, type of linens, and other small tasks which you can’t do at all.
  • When you wedding budget is limited and you want to make sure that everything is included with the amount of money you have, a wedding consultant will be good idea. Yes, you may have to pay them but they will be responsible in making sure that the budget is followed.

A wedding planner will be helpful for couples who are planning to get married in another town or city. A local wedding consultant in Sydney can help arrange most of the tasks without having the couple around every time.


Top 8 Destinations For Beach Weddings

Top 8 Destinations For Beach Weddings

Here is a list of the top destinations for beach weddings. From the remote beaches in Fiji to the island resorts found in Sri Lanka, it is up to you to take your pick from the list.


  1. Fiji


Fiji has over 333 islands that you can choose from. You will be spoiled for options when choosing a wedding venue here. The hotels in Fiji can arrange even the smallest wedding details for you. So, it is very hassle free for you and your guests.


  1. Hawaii


This is one the best places when it comes to a destination wedding. It is also a popular destination for couples from the US. Like Fiji, Hawaii has many perfect resorts to choose from. However, head to Honolulu or Maui for remote locations.

  1. Thailand


If you’re heading abroad with a big guest list, head over to Thailand. Thailand has a spectacular scenery. You and your family/friends can even go to a nearby destination like Phuket and spend it on a Luxury Spa Resort in Kata after the wedding.


  1. Bali


Even though Bali is known for its nightlife rather than the romantic culture, it is a beautiful place to hold a wedding in. Choosing to wed beachside or on a mountain gets you stunning scenery and friendly locals.

  1. Mauritius


This is the epitome of a wedding or a honeymoon destination. Mauritius has a lot of dreamy beaches, white sand stretches and perfect hotels. It is pretty far but is a must for luxury holidays.


  1. Sri Lanka


This island sits on India’s southern end. Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise filled with palm-fringed beaches. There are a variety of resorts and hotels to choose from both affordable and luxurious that will help you achieve a wedding package for this destination.


  1. Italy


Italy is timeless. It has beautiful cathedrals, churches and castles in the country. Amalfi and Maratea are beautiful venues for weddings complete with breathtaking views plus luxury hotels.

  1. Cambodia


Thailand is not the only destination wedding location in Southeast Asia. Cambodia actually has an edge over Thailand. If an ultra exclusive beach is what you are looking for, check out what Cambodia has to offer.


Kho Samui – A Perfect Place For Destination Wedding

Kho Samui – A Perfect Place For Destination Wedding

Destination weddings have become an attractive alternative to the traditional wedding that often takes place close to home. Aside from the romance of holding the wedding in an exotic place like Kho Samui, destination weddings reduce the usual stress that accompanies a traditional wedding. Kho Samui is not only perfect for destination weddings; it can also be the best place for your honeymoon.

Kho Samui is a tropical beach paradise for both wealthy holidaymakers and budget travellers. The white sandy beaches with a relaxed atmosphere are simply perfect for a destination wedding. Since each of the beaches and towns of Kho Samui are offering something different to wedding couples, it makes sense to absorb as much information as you can before making a decision.

Chaweng Beach is a lively resort town that is close to the airport. The beach itself is most people’s idea of paradise particularly with the large span of white sand, nodding palm trees and the beautiful clear sea. Your wedding can be lively and exciting because Chaweng Beach is a place to party.

Lamai is similar to Chaweng Beach but on a smaller scale. Like Chaweng, holding your wedding in Lamai can be fun and exciting because of the cheerful atmosphere. If you are budget conscious, Lamai is the ideal place for your destination wedding considering that many great bargains can still be found.

Bohput on the other hand, displays the heritage of Kho Samui. Traditional Thai-Chinese shops are interspersed with boutique shops and retro restaurants. If you want a location with a good combination of community feel and sophistication, Bohput is the right place for your wedding.

Big Buddha’s clientele is composed of budget travellers and backpackers. Accommodation options are middle-range but it is good option for a relaxing and quiet vacation. Since the general ambience is wholesome and family-friendly, Big Buddha can be an ideal place for your wedding.

An important aspect of your wedding is photography but it is addressed by the presence of Destination Photographer in Samui. The romance and excitement of your wedding can easily be captured so that you will have memories to cherish for a lifetime.