Choosing Between A Black Or White Stretch Limo For A Wedding

What do you suggest for my wedding? Should I go for wedding limo hire in Perth or a horse-drawn carriage? If I hire a stretch limo, is a Bentley better than a classic Cadillac or will a Hummer stretch limo be the best option?

The wedding day gives me the chance to hire a limo and arrive to church in style. I have already made the decision to hire a limo when we decided on a wedding date. Our wedding planner who is assisting me with all the details suggested that I book the limo immediately because there is high demand for the luxury transport particularly for weddings and school proms.

Initially, I wanted a stretch limo to be the backdrop for our pre-nuptial shots but there is a minimum 3-hour package. I also wanted a white limo but it is more expensive to hire than a black limo. This is how it was explained to me by the manager. White limos are more associated with weddings because it complements the wedding dress. It most instances, white is used on the flowers and the wedding décor which makes the white limo a perfect match.

Since white coordinates with a wedding dress, a white limo can be the ideal background for the wedding photographs. White limos are also easier to decorate than other colors. However, since white limos have higher demand, they tend to be more expensive to hire.

A more cost effective option when hiring a limo is the black limousine. However, I do not want black for my wedding. Black limos are more appropriate for driving corporate guests or for youngsters who want to attend promo night in style. Besides that black limousines are very common.

On the other hand, although wedding limousines differ in color, the interiors are the same. The extravagance and elegance is simply unbelievable. According to the manager, there are amenities that are included in the package like the red carpet, a complimentary bottle of bubbly, flowers and décor for the limo and of course the professional chauffeur who will not go beyond the speed limits.