Cool Gift Bag Ideas That Kids & Moms Will Surely Love

So your kid’s birthday is coming up and you have already planned a party for him. While the food, entertainment and the activities are important, there is one aspect of the party that you should not be ignoring: the goody bags. When your guests leave, goody bags are a way for you to show how grateful you are for their presence. Unfortunately with goody bags, they are oftentimes more annoying than they are special. Most goody bags would contain useless items that easily break in the car.

Party favors, however, are a must for every party and you would have no choice but to give them away to guests. If you don’t want to give away annoying and useless party favors, here are some cool gift bag ideas that kids and moms will surely love.

  1. If there is one thing that kids go crazy about, it’s bubbles. Throw in some bubbles and you would have children dancing around the yard. What you should do is to visit your local discount store and buy the biggest bubble jar you can find. Look for bubble containers and buy enough for your guests. If you want to get creative, you can design your labels on your own via computer.
  2. If you had planned a sports-inspired party for your kid then you’ll definitely hit a homerun with baseball-inspired gift bags. You can wrap Cracker Jacks, baseball cards and some gun with cellophane. You can even place a baseball if you have the budget.
  3. For a summer-inspired party, you can buy cheap sand pails and fill them with items such as sunglasses, inflatable beach ball and some snacks.
  4. Gummy Skewers. Gummy candies are simply irresistible that is why you should use them to capture the hearts of your kid’s guests. Buy an assortment of gummy candies and skewer them with a lollipop stick. Cover them with cellophane and add a bow for design.
  5. Eco Friendly Planting Bags. If you want to serve a higher purpose during your kid’s party, why not help the environment? Gift bags, or party favors as they are known, are meant to give out favors to guests but why not give out a favor to Mother Nature with eco-friendly brown paper bags filled with seedlings and some planting instructions. You can have your kid decorate the paper bags and tie them all with a bow.