Culinary Adventure On The Restaurants Of Bangkok

Bangkok is a cosmopolitan city in Southeast Asia that is popular for its authentic cuisine. Menus in restaurants have diverse offerings that include Italian, French, Chinese, American, seafood and vegetarian but never miss the opportunity to taste exotic Thai delicacies. Food is abundant in the streets; street vendors are literally everywhere. If you want to dine in style in an elegant setting, there are restaurants that can satisfy your culinary cravings.

Sukhumvit Road is an upper class district in Bangkok where the best restaurants can be found. Some restaurants can be enjoyed best at night because they allow you an amazing view of the city. Aside from traditional steaks, the high-end restaurants serve authentic Thai cuisine matched with a selection of wines with local flavour. Don’t miss the traditional Som Tum (spicy green unripe papaya salad with different flavours), Gaeng Daeng (red curry) and the iconic Pad Thai (fried noodles with freshly ground peanuts) that is known all over the world.

At Khao San Road, you will find the best vegetarian restaurants of the city. A popular choice for vegetarians is organic food that comes with extra cost. International cuisine is also available but since you are in Bangkok, why will you miss the opportunity to taste Thai vegetarian food? Food carts are commonplace in some restaurants and a few of them serve the authentic Thai delicacy that is very rare you won’t find it any other place.

Bangkok has its own Chinatown if you have a fondness for sharks’ fin and birds’ nest. There is a high concentration of Chinese restaurants in the area offering a huge banquet with exotic offerings. You will be spoilt for choice here because all the offerings are excellent and have won numerous awards.

One of the easiest places that a tourist will find in Bangkok is authentic Thai restaurant in Sukhumvit because it is close to public transportation. It offers a culinary experience that you will never encounter anywhere else. The best of Thai dishes remain true to their original ingredients but a few twists and tricks have been added to elevate its authenticity.