Disasters You May Encounter If You Neglect Your Gutters

Gutter cleaning and servicing would create wonders for you if you frequently do them. It is always important to have your gutters cleaned and keeping them well-maintained and it does not matter whether you hire a professional cleaning service to do this or if you opt to do the job yourself just as long as you keep them at tiptop condition.

The importance of doing this is based on the outcome of neglecting them. When you ignore your gutters, you would be met with a couple of disasters that are sure to frustrate and stress you out. Here are some of the problems you would encounter if you choose to neglect your gutters.

  1. LEAKS
  • The most common problem you would encounter is a leaking gutter. The good news is that this problem is easy to find and easy to fix. But when you ignore a leak, you should also know that it would soon develop into a more serious problem so it is best if you repair them quickly.
  • When your gutters are clogged then you can expect the rainwater to overflow. When this happens, this can cause considerable damage to other parts of your house especially your roofs. You would encounter roof leaks and oftentimes you encounter them too late because they tend to accumulate inside the ceiling before they become noticeable.
  • You should know that most of the time, the water is drained down near the lowest part of the house. Basement leaks are dangerous as they can cause gas leaks and even electrocution.
  • Water can rot the wood. When this happens, your house’s foundation becomes weaker.
  • Know that moisture can lead to infestation because bugs tend to follow where the moisture is. Ants, termites, mosquitoes, you name them!
  • When there is excess water, it can sometimes lead to the sidewalk and the driveway. The sagging and the water can cause cracks on the driveway.
  • When the excess water leads to the landscape of your home, you can expect it to damage the plants. Too much water will drown the plants, make them dull or even kill them.