Diving: Survival Guide And Code Of Ethics

If you are preparing for your first ever boat dive or going on your first liveaboard experience then the following tips will be very useful to make sure you survive the experience as well as you are knowledgeable of the proper ethics while on board.

While preparing, there a few things that you must keep in mind such as packing the right boat clothes. Going out on a boat mean a lot of sun and a sun hat is a must. There are sun hats that are equipped with UV protection and a strap on the chin to make sure it doesn’t fly away if windy. If you are not comfortable with a sun hat and prefers baseball caps instead then remember to pack a lot of sunscreen and apply often. A windbreaker is also a must to make sure you are warm during windy days. If you are going with a cool weather then a boat coat that comes with fleece is perfect to keep you warm.

Bring along proper sunglasses that have the right UVA and UVB protection. Make sure you keep them intact and safe while on the boat. It is best to always have extra towels since spray and water will be everywhere. Remember to bring a dry bag that will best protect your important things such as wallet and cell phones. Ask if there will be water and snacks onboard. If there are none then bring you own and something to share with others as well. If you are prone to sea sickness then remember to take medications and pack along a few just in case.

While on the boat, make sure that you know the itinerary and always be on time. Once you have been given the signal that it is okay to set up you gear then do it as soon as you can. A safety briefing will be given onboard and it is essential that you know where all the safety equipment are. Make sure that you always keep your things organized or they may topple overboard. If you are going on a liveaboard trip such as the Similan islands diving then make sure that you listen to the dive briefing since you are in an unfamiliar region.