Dramatic Change On The Ceiling Through Fitzhugh Decorators

In home remodeling projects, the ceiling is almost always overlooked; however Fitzhugh Decorators thought of a dramatic and stylish change instead of a simple white ceiling that is unexciting and dull. I never realized that are many possibilities to give the celling its own personality.
The most common improvement made on the ceiling is to give it a new coat of paint in a lighter shade from the rest of the room. In bedrooms, it is common to paint the celling with murals including stars or sky scenes. Not anymore, bold finishes and dramatic wallpapers including decorative pattern are now part of an overall ceiling design.

White is not the only ceiling color because different colors can add a bit of drama on a room. Fitzhugh decorators thought it would be great to give the ceiling color that will complement with the room’s décor and furniture. It looks fun and it certainly transformed the ambiance of the room.
A perfect ceiling design usually depends on the space, the overall theme of the room and the surrounding walls. There is a wide range of colors to choose from including textures and patterns. Painting the ceiling with a lighter shade is very common. A room can be personalized by decorating the ceiling in stunning color to look chic and exceptional.
Here are a few tips from professionals:
• The ceiling is should be part of overall design because it can make a dramatic impact like lighting, flooring and window treatments.
• Walls should not enjoy all the fun because the ceiling is a blank canvass waiting to be explored. The ceiling should not be intimidating; it must provide drama. Throw some color and have fun.
• If you are thinking of a pattern on the ceiling, ensure a visual connection that will seamlessly create interest at eye level.
• Rooms that have high ceilings can have light walls and dark ceilings that create a cozy feel. On a small space, lighter color on the ceiling can make it look taller.
• Painting the ceiling and walls in the same color can create a continuous flow because the eyes can travel upwards without interruption.