Enjoy Your Stay In Thailand With A Luxury Resort And Spa In Phuket

The beautiful island of Phuket is situated on the western coast of Thailand, with the shores of warm seawaters of the Andaman Sea. It’s actually Thailand’s biggest island covering over 300 square miles and connected to the mainland through a bridge via north of the island. It has been visited by a huge number of travelers both local and international, and many of them love to stay in a luxury resort and spa in Phuket, to enjoy the sun.

For many years, scuba divers come to dive on some Asia’s finest dive spots to include Phuket. In fact, scuba diving on the surrounding waters of the island is a big business in Phuket. There are lots of excellent dive centers offering a variety of diving services such as leisure dives to the most advanced courses.

Off the southern tip of Thailand is the Racha Islands, which are considered Phuket’s best dive spots. It offers superior diving in crystal clear seawaters and the opportunity to encounter big underwater animals. The smaller island Racha Noi can offer a breathtaking scenery while encountering mantra rays and whale sharks.

Aside from finding a luxury resort and spa in Phuket, you can also hire liveaboards offering diving destinations to the Burma Banks, Mergui Archipelago and the Similan Islands. These remote areas are typically what scuba divers sought after, and hiring a Phuket liveaboard is the best solution for access. This is probably one reason why Phuket liveaboards are thriving and a competitive business in the area.

Further down the east sides are Ko Phi Phi Lae and Ko Phi Phi Don, where you find a magnificent geography of astounding limestone cliffs. You will find on these islands hard coral gardens, and outstanding samples of black coral, sea whips, orange sea fans, and soft corals.

Phuket deserves its title the ‘Pearl of the Andaman,’ and unquestionably boasts some of the country’s best dive spots. As marine conservation is considered in one of the country’s political agenda, scuba diving in Phuket is also thriving. You will also love to experience being booked in a luxury resort and spa in Phuket for your inland accommodation.