Factors That Contribute To The Cost Of The Frameless Glass Shower Screens

The most common problem that homeowners face when improving the aesthetics of the bathroom is the seemingly lack of space. A common option is to use large mirrors and proper lighting to give an illusion of space. However, a better alternative is provided through the installation of glass shower screens that effectively removes the barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom.

However, before you decide on glass shower enclosure, it is important to consider several factors like cost and safety. In terms of cost, the glass used in shower enclosures is significantly more expensive because it passes through a process to make it stronger and non-hazardous. The installation of the enclosure must also be closely monitored to ensure that are no mistakes that will result in unfortunate accidents.

The frameless glass shower enclosure is made from heavy glass that is installed using a clamp method. It is important to look at the proposal whether the method of installation has been clearly defined. If there are words you do not understand, seek for immediate clarification because there are methods that have been phased out by new architectural glass standards. The “U” channel method is considerably less expensive but a less accurate method of installation.

A more expensive but more effective option is the use of glass clamps. The method may add to the cost of installation because of the fittings and the additional glass that will be used but it is more superior to other methods. Heavy glass is really “heavy” and it can be dangerous if not installed properly. Since clamps have different weight tolerances, it is important to consider how heavy the glass panels are to ensure that they are secured safely.

If you have an idea on how your shower enclosure should look like, discuss it with the contractor so that your ideas can be considered in estimating the cost of installation. A legitimate provider of shower screen installation will checkout even the smallest details to provide you with an affordable option that will not compromise safety and integrity. If the quote is drastically low, think twice before making a commitment.