Fishing For Fun: Maintain Your Pond And Small Lakes For A Better Fishing Experience!

Fishing is a common outdoor activity. This can either be done for fun or there are people who make a living out of fishing. It is not so unusual to find ponds or small lakes where people are fishing their hearts out. The more fish we catch, they happier we are. Consistently producing large numbers of fish is not easy though. It will depend on the planning, construction, and management of the pond where we will be fishing.

Ponds and small lakes have a lot of benefits for our environment. It can be erosion control, livestock watering, and even swimming. However, recreational fishing is still one of the reasons why landowners in Tennessee are encouraged to plan, construct, and manage their ponds and small lakes accordingly so they can fish to their heart’s content, thus pond & small lake management is needed to maintain the quality and cleanliness of these bodies of water.

Tennessee has a lot of ponds, small lakes, and big ones all around the state where fishing is absolutely popular to residents and tourists alike. With this in mind, there are private ponds and small lakes around the state. However, it is quite popular that families have their fun bonding times at fee fishing facilities. Here are some of those fun venues.

Bob White Springs

No fishing license required.

Location: West of Nashville

Schedule: check website

Usual Catch: Salmon, Trout

Bucksnort Trout Ranch

Offers family fishing, trout in their restaurant and for the wholesale market, pond stocking for trout

Location: an hour west of downtown Nashville, right off I-40 at the mile 152 exit

Schedule: Winter Schedule – Friday to Sunday, 10 AM to 5 PM

Usual Catch: Trout

Big Whiskers Catfish Farm

Perfect for a family fishing day, birthday celebrations, and other events. No State fishing license required.

Location: 3175 Scribners Mill Rd. Lewisburg, TN 37091


Spring 2017

Mon-Thurs, Sun:  8 AM – 8 PM

Fri-Sat: 8 AM – 10 PM

Winter: Contact directly

Usual Catch: Catfish

These are just some examples where we can find fun in our fishing activities with our family and friends. The important thing to note though that to keep this clean to ensure quality catch of fish and enjoyable moments, we have our pond & small lake management standards to follow so we can continuously enjoy the benefits of these ponds and small lakes.