Golf Tips By Real Golfers – The Best Way To Play Golf In Asia, Play Golf In Thailand

Golfers frequent Asia golf tours, most especially in Thailand, a Golf haven. Even Australians whose homeland is also nestled with beautiful golf courses where kangaroos are a usual sight still could not get enough playing in Thailand. There is some world-class golf club in Thailand that are not private to members only and also accept visiting golfers. Thailand is also full of golf courses anywhere in the country, as it is nestled with over two hundred and fifty courses all over the country.

Their major tourist destinations, the capital City Bangkok and resort cities Pattaya and Phuket, also boasts of their own golf courses. Other provinces like Nathon Pathom, Ratchaburi, and Hua Hin are also among the most visited provinces for scenic golf courses. And now, even Kanchanaburi is becoming a premier golf tourist destination. Apart from being the first, Thailand has consistently been the most preferred country golf tourists ever wanted to go to. There are several golf club in Thailand to choose from that are world-class and well maintained to suit the professional golfer‘s meticulous taste. The caddy services are even exceptional and the clubhouses are luxurious.

Golf is an outdoor game, therefore the weather is to be considered before going. Of course, like any other tourist-based destinations, there are also peak seasons. Most players take advantage of the low seasons, which means they will have an extra for souvenirs like trophies and complimentary shirts during the game. Most golf tours are comprised of golfing couples with around twenty heads in total. The tour is several nights long, mostly ten nights or more, where participants play golf during the day and can look around what the place has to offer during the afternoons and night. Some go for dinners and drinks, while others prefer to relax in a spa and a massage. Each golf courses offer their own scenic style. The crowd favorite was one in Ratchaburi, where players are enjoying the sight of the mountain borders of Myanmar while playing golf in the countryside. All in all, it was a perfect haven for golfers to enjoy their passion and be a tourist and explore the beauty that is Thailand at the same time.