Guide For Backpackers In South America

If you have been travelling to different countries with only your backpack then you might be interested to know that South America is a backpacking haven. There are many things to see and experience from the beaches in the Caribbean to Tierra del Fuego. There are many landscapes to see, legendary cities to visit and appreciate famous world ruins. In order to enjoy more your backpacking experience in South America, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Get to know the local language. If you are planning to backpack all over South America then you might be surprised with the many local languages you encounter along the way. Make sure to learn the basic phrases in Spanish if you are visiting places such as Ecuador, Cusco, Sucre, Peru, Quito, Buenos Aires, Bolivia and Argentina. If you have Brazil in your route then catching up a few phrases in Portuguese. Learning the language is easier if you are to stay with a local family.
  • Keep your common sense on high alert. It is known all over the world that nations in South America are not the richest thus it is common for foreigners to be scammed there. It is important that you keep your eyes open and make sure to take note of places that is not advisable for tourist to visit. Be vigilant in order for you to have an enjoyable trip to look back to.
  • Learn more about the accommodation in each country. While you may be able to get a room for one night with your $10 while staying in Ecuador, it does not mean that other countries will have the same rate. There are many options when it comes to accommodations as long as you are not visiting at a time where there are major festival happening. Andean countries have the most affordable rate when it comes to accommodation.

Learn to love travelling by bus. If you are not keen on riding school bus type transport in the US then it is time to learn to love this method of commute when on a South America Tour. Do not be surprised if you see locals bringing all sorts of things with them when commuting, even farm animals.