Guide In Buying New School Chair

A classroom needs chairs for the students and the teacher to sit on. It is essential for a quality learning experience. When buying new school furniture chairs, there are various considerations to make sure that the right type is chosen.

  • Height and age. Consider the students that will be using the chairs. Is it intended for preschool kids or is it for high school students? It is also possible that both kids and adults will be using the seats. Chairs are manufactured with different heights but the most common sizes are between 10 to 18 inches. If both kids and adults will use the chair, it is best to order the adult size rather than the other way around.
  • If you require seats that offer additional storage features, there are models that come with book baskets. This is a better alternative to cubby units that could obstruct the flow of traffic in the room. They can easily reach the stashed books they need.
  • One thing to think about is if the chairs are going to be moved around the room or it will remain in the same place. There are chairs that come with casters so it can be stacked easily.
  • For small kids, you might be tempted to choose bright colours but remember that they love to draw on furniture so black and navy colours would be best. If you want a specific colour motif, the blue has been scientifically proven to calm nerves and purple brings out creativity while green makes the senses stronger.
  • Sitting for too long can be an issue for some students. This is why active seating was designed. They are chairs that can slightly rock or bounce. This will lessen any excess energy they have in order for them to focus on learning. This is recommended for students that have learning disabilities.


The list will only serve as a guide in buying school furniture chairs but the decision still lies on the people who know what is best for the students and the school.