Guide In Hiring A Marquee For An Event

Hosting a party is not cheap especially if you don’t have enough space inside your house. You can rent venues such as restaurants and bars but it would be too expensive. The cheaper alternative is to hire marquee in Sydney and host the party in your yard or garden. This way, guests can bring their own drinks rather than pay for expensive beverages in licensed venues. The host can save too because they can cook at their own kitchen. The party will be happening outside the house so you won’t have to think about tidying the place right after the party. For hosts planning to hire a marquee, these factors should be kept in mind:

  • Think about the unpredictable weather. The day might be bright and sunny but there is no guarantee that the nights will be just as pleasant. It is important to hire a sturdy marquee that will withstand any weather condition. Its walls must be removable to allow air inside if it’s too hot or to close it if the wind is too cold. If the party will last until nighttime, don’t forget to install heaters inside.
  • Choose the marquee with enough space for guests. You might consider getting the smallest size if you want to save a bit but it could be uncomfortable for your guests especially if they are dancing and sweating because of the crowded space. When hiring, ask the staff for size recommendation based on the number of guests you will have and the equipment that will be setup inside.
  • You should have enough power to run the lights, music or heat for the duration of the party. Check whether you can use your own power supply at home or if you need to get a backup generator.
  • Book early to make sure you have the right size and style of marquee. You are not the only host looking to hire marquee in Sydney therefore booking a few weeks in advance is necessary. Before you sign an agreement, ask whether the company is covered by a public liability insurance.