Guide When Buying An Engagement Ring

Before you start shopping for the perfect engagement ring, make sure you have read these tips:

  • Consider the shape on top of everything. You might be considering the 4 Cs – carat, clarity, colour and cut – when buying an engagement ring because of what you hear from advises but one thing you must prioritize is the shape that you know your fiancée will love. Shape refers to the actual geometry of the ring’s stone and this is different from the cut which refers to the angles of each face of the stone.
  • Second consideration should be given on the setting of the ring. Quality is what you are aiming for. This refers to the metal framework wherein the stone is placed. This will set the tone for the entire look of the engagement ring. One of the classic engagement rings which are round stones will have a new and modernized look if the setting used is bezel. If you want the trendy oval stone to embody a traditional vibe then a setting with four-prong is an adequate choice. The key to the look of the engagement ring lies on the combination of the shape as well as the setting.
  • Modern trend dictates that partners will have to shop for their rings together but there are traditional ones that prefer to surprise the love of their life. If the latter is your style then it is time to ask for assistance. Talk to her best friend or her closest sibling and ask for their advice. Make sure to tell them that it should be kept a secret. If you are not confident in sharing the news, just look at the jewelleries she usually wears and pay attention to her style.
  • The engagement ring band comes in different metals and you have a lot of options for this. The most common choice is the platinum because it is super durable and pure which is a hypoallergenic metal ideal for partners that have sensitive skin. If you choose gold then it comes in many colours such as rose, yellow, white and there’s even green available.

Be sure to check on the following tips before you go shopping for engagement rings in Melbourne to make your life easier.