Hot Air Advertising: Literally Above The Competition

Advertising’s important; it can make or break a sales attempt or the launch of a new product. It goes without saying, that any advantage you can get over the competition is important. Bigger is better, anything to help you rise above the competition. So, naturally, some people take it to the logical conclusion: an advertising blimp. No better way to make sure that your branded merchandise gets noticed than by having it be seen every time someone looks up, right?

Granted, it’s not a ridiculous idea, it’s quite common, especially in big events like NASCAR or the Super Bowl, but the ways it’s been used have been getting crazier in recent years. Take this one, for example. The Hendrick’s Gin’s Hendrick’s Air blimp; a 130-foot long cucumber blimp with the company’s logo plastered across it. Granted, it’s no Goodyear Blimp, which averages at about 190 feet, but it’s still quite the sight.

Especially when you fly it so close to the cities.

The Hendrick’s Air campaign, to put it simply, was a bold summer advertising made by Hendrick’s Gin 2 years ago, in 2015. I read about it looking through some bold advertising ideas, and the cucumber blimp certainly fits that. If not in size, then in location. The blimp flew at 35 miles per hour across America, with some lucky enthusiasts coming along for the coast-to-coast ride. The blimp flew below 1000-feet, as shown in this image, close to the city skyscrapers of Los Angeles, San Fran, etc., before finally stopping, with a party no less, at Chicago’s Galleria Marchetti.

It’s some bold advertising, flying so low to the skyscrapers. Imagine how many people looked out their office windows and saw a giant cucumber. Not every day that happens; blimps aren’t too rare, but that close? It was something else to say the least.

Now, whilst other companies, like the aforementioned Goodyear, haven’t been flying their blimps so close to office skyscrapers, they have been using them creatively to advertise their branded merchandise, with stunts like a drive-in theatre where the show is played on the blimp’s side, things like that.

It makes one wonder what kind of advertising stunt companies have in mind for their blimps. In such a scenario, better have a camera ready when you look up.