How I Made A Choice For My Bathroom Wash Basin

The bathroom is where I pamper myself and it is only fitting to have it designed the way I like it. Sometimes, the bathroom becomes my personal sanctuary that is why I give it the same care as I do with the rest of the home. One of the most important things in my bathroom is the bathroom wash basin that I use at the beginning and end of day and many times in between. It therefore makes sense to provide myself with some bit for luxury by choosing something that has both quality and character.

How I chose my wash basin

Porcelain is very common but I prefer natural stone like marble. It may be more expensive but is can add elegance and sophistication to my bathroom. There are also interesting glass basins that would go well for a luxurious bathroom but it is mostly transparent and does not fulfill my requirement. Granite is natural stone and there are bathroom wash basins in black, red, gray and other special material colors. Marble wash basins are mainly white but it looks more hygienic. The square marble wash basin was definitely appealing and chic and to a certain extent, it has changed the ambiance of my bathroom.

If you are remodeling your bathroom, do not overlook the Bathroom Wash Basin because it should be in harmony with your bathroom design. The reason why I chose a square design is due to its striking shape which is definitely eye catching. However, round and oval basins are also stylish but it is just not my thing because I prefer something unique and different from the ordinary. Well, I am not trying to convince anyone to go along with my choice because it always depends on personal taste and requirements.

There is no reason not to opt for an oval wash basin in a different color or design as long as it complements with other bathroom décor. Straight lines can give the bathroom a sleek look while soft round shapes can be stylish. However, it always important to consider space when buying bathroom accessories and fixtures so that it won’t look cramped and cluttered.