How My Bathroom Got A New Life

Our bathroom has remained untouched over the years and that is why I decided on bathroom renovation Perth Western Australia to give it a new life. The bathroom was designed by the previous owners and while it does not exactly look hideous, I don’t feel comfortable with the way it has been designed. I tried to make the place look nice but I just have to do something about the paint color and everything else.

The bathroom renovators suggested that we get rid of everything from the tiles on the floor to the toilet so that they can fix the issues with plumbing. They also had this idea of adding another window to allow natural light inside the bathroom. Adding a window was a genius move because it made the small bathroom look larger. Before the renovation, the only source of light came from a small window above the toilet because the other window had fixed blinds for privacy. The windows are one of the best in this bathroom transformation.

From the ghastly shade of yellow, we decided on gray and white. I was actually hoping for a bold color but the bathroom renovators were opposed to my idea. The bathroom was too small and it would look a lot smaller if a dark color was used on the walls. Pairing white with gray gave my bathroom a modern look. We kept the accents to the bare minimum so that the bathroom will look sleek and uncluttered. Gray and white are frequently used in small bathrooms because they make a small space look spacious and airy. One look at the bathroom and I already feel relaxed.

I had my eyes on this bathroom cabinet for a long time and I never imagined that it would fit perfectly in my new bathroom. The sink was not too easy and it took me forever searching for something that will fit my idea. Anyway, I love this sink; it’s huge and it can hold everything. It works perfectly with the design of the bathroom. I was not even upset that we had to throw the old sink away.