How To Choose The Best TV Stand For Your Flat Screen Television

Flat screen television is the trend. They are bigger and much lighter than traditional television sets. Because of reduced weight, TV sets no longer need bulky stands to support them. However, this does not mean that you will forego the solid oak TV stands that include a two-drawer cabinet. After all, where will you put the A/V receiver, gaming system and the central channel speaker?

All your stuff will look more organized when there is a TV stand with extra storage. Your choice will be based on how much space you require for equipment including how cables will be managed. There must be ample room for equipment to allow them to breathe. This will prevent overheating. There are TV stands that include air vents at the rear so that equipment will not overheat when in use.

A TV stand has to sit flush against the wall for safety purposes. However, there is also the option of suspending the flat screen television above the stand so that the surface can be used for the remote controls and other accessories. If the television comes with the sound system to add great sounds when you watch movies, the center speaker can be placed in the center of the TV stand while the rest can be mounted on the walls.

One of the things that is often overlooked is cable clutter. Once all the equipment has been placed in the TV stand, cables have to connect to the television as well as the speakers of the sound system. There are TV stands with closed backs so that cables can be kept out of sight although there will be need for holes to run the cables. An open-backed TV stand will place little restriction on the system wirings. Darkened glass doors on the TV stand will prevent the wires from showing.

A wide range of solid oak TV stands are available in beautiful designs and styles to complement other furniture. There are sold oaks stands for the flat screen TV with two central drawers and individual shelves for the media and gaming system. Since oak has different color schemes, you can opt for the hue that complements the room.