How To Enjoy A Private Pool Villa At Trisara 

There are several benefits of having your very own private pool when you go on holiday in Phuket, Thailand. For one, you don’t have to share the space with strangers or other guests of the resort. However, if you want to socialize with other people and you are travelling on your own, you can opt for a resort with a common swimming pool. But if you want to enjoy a private pool villa at Trisara you might as well book in one of the villas of the resort. Here are some of the things that you can do to enjoy your private pool while on holiday.

Do water exercises

Water exercise offers a lot of health benefits. According to studies, doing a few laps or swimming can improve respiratory functions, muscle and bones, motor skills and it can also relax the mind. You also do not have to worry about swimming in a private pool because it is within a contained environment unlike the sea. You can also practice your swimming skills even when you are on a holiday.

With cocktails or wine

There is a reason why luxury hotels have wine bars alongside pools. It is because guests love having drinks while swimming in the pool. Pool users and swimmers would naturally feel cold especially when swimming at night but with alcoholic beverages that warms the body, they can enjoy a private pool villa at Trisara without feeling cold. You can have beer or cocktails by the pool as you watch the night away or watch the sunset while relaxing in your villa’s private pool.

Pool enjoyment anytime

The downside of using common swimming pools in resorts or hotels is that the time for using the facility has limits. There are resorts that only allow pool use until 10 in the evening. However, if you book in a private villa, you can enjoy a private pool villa at Trisara anytime whenever you feel like taking a dip into the water. You can do an early swim or you can lounge by the private pool until your bed time. Visit the resort’s website to view their private pools and villas.