How To Maintain Your Swim Spa Properly

Purchasing a swim spa is considered a huge investment thus it is only important that you should perform the proper maintenance required in a regular basis. The manufacturers might tell you that they are easy to maintain when it fact proper maintenance require work.

When cleaning your unit, you have to do majority of the tasks that are seen when maintaining a regular swimming pool but there are a number of exceptions. You need not worry though because swim spas are easier to clean and look after compared to a traditional swimming pool.

In order to maintain your swim spa clean, good water flow is very important because half of the problem is solved once this is ensured. The good news about them is that they create a large amount of jets as well as water disturbance that it is not hard to achieve a good water flow.

Despite this fact, there is still a need to perform maintenance on your unit and it should be done regularly. Water quality is essential and the main focus of this article is to help you achieve that quality. You won’t have to worry about anything once you have ensured that your water in the swim spa is not just clean but good for your health.

The water used should be sterilized or sanitized before using it because of the germs and body fluids such as sweat that contaminates it every use. These contaminants can easily overpower the water if not sterilized resulting to an unpleasant smell and appearance.

For swimming pools, chlorine is used to sterilize while it is ideal to use bromine with swim spas. It does not irritate which is common in chlorine but it is quite expensive compared to chlorine. It is recommended to be used in water with higher temperature which is why it is best with swim spas.

For homeowners with swim spa in Canberra, another important maintenance that should be done is to measure the alkalinity of the water. It should be done weekly and any irregularities found in the water can be treated with the right water treatment.