How To Not Be A Victim Of Tax ID Scam

Tax season has already started and this is also the opportunity scammers are waiting for in order to steal other people’s money. Do not be complacent because you can be a victim of Ohio Tax ID theft but this can be avoided. Shane Eighme, a financial professional, gave some tips on how to avoid being scammed when filing taxes.

Tax filers should be more cautious this 2018 because of what happened last fall. There was a breach that compromised a huge amount of Equifax data. Hackers were able to get their hands on personal information of around 143 million people. One of the information they got is the Social Security number. Armed with the Social Security numbers, these hackers can file fake tax returns thus stealing the refund of other people. The victims of the data breach took various steps to secure their money such as freezing their credit cards and monitoring it for any suspicious activities. This not enough though because they are still susceptible to Tax ID theft. There are some ways they could protect themselves from these scammers.

First is to file their tax returns as early as possible. This is the best defense they have to not be victimized by Tax ID theft. Once the IRS received your tax return, scammers won’t be able to send a fraudulent one. At the beginning of the tax season it is understandable that all paper works are not yet available but you can prepare your documents and receipts as early as possible so you can file as soon as the paper works come in.

Make sure to be aware of red flags such as IRS forms showing wages that you did not know about or an employer’s 1099 from places you did not work in or a W-2 form. Make sure do not filed this form along with your tax return if you receive one of them. If the form’s sender is the IRS, make sure to contact them. When filing online, do not be a victim of Ohio Tax ID theft be installing security software as well as firewall and anti-virus software.