How To Search For Serviced Apartments In Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit is a cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Bangkok. Most of the expats and foreigners in Bangkok prefer to live in this locality because of the availability of a number of westernized services and good entertainment options in and around the area. Sukhumvit is also centrally located and has good connectivity to all the other parts of the city through BTS and MRT. The area is also close to the commercial and shopping districts in the city and attracts a lot of business travellers as well as tourists. Many of the visitors to Bangkok prefer to stay in the condos or serviced apartments for long term.

Sukhumvit has a good collection of long term accommodation options .There are different types of apartments, condos and houses to choose from depending on the budget and preferences of the residents. While the prices of serviced apartment in Sukhumvit closer to the BTS are higher, it is easy to find budget apartments a bit farther from the main roads.

People searching for serviced apartments in Sukhumvit can find suitable properties through various means.

  1. Online – There are many sites that contain listings of serviced apartments and condos across Bangkok. Select a trusted website and search for apartments in your preferred localities. These sites are the easiest and time saving means to search for apartments and condos as you can compare the facilities and prices of different properties in the area.
  2. Personal search – The best way to search for serviced apartments in Sukhumvit is to visit them personally. All the modern complexes have information offices at the ground floor. People looking for apartments for rent can contact these offices for information regarding the rent and amenities provided at the apartment complex. Visiting the apartments personally helps to know about the living conditions and the vibe of the apartment. Personal visits also help in determining the exact condition of the apartments and its furnishings as there are chances of getting fooled by online photographs.
  3. Hire an agent – Hiring an agent is fast and easy means to find serviced apartments in Sukhumvit with modern amenities. The agents’ deals in a wide range of properties and will be able to identify the correct condo or apartment to suit the client’s preferences. However, these agents charge some fee for their services, which might increase the cost of the apartment.