How To Tell The Difference Between Marble And Travertine

If you are planning to buy a sink basin for the bathroom or install tiles on the floor and countertop, there are different options for stone tiles. You can choose from the most popular stones like marble and travertine that can enhance aesthetics and functionality. However, can you pinpoint the differences between marble and travertine when you buy a sink basin from the home improvement store?

How to distinguish marble from travertine?

Marble is a very popular material for kitchens and bathrooms because of its hardness and distinct color patterns and designs. Normally, a sheet of marble for a countertop comes in a single solid color with streaks of another color running through it. The most common colors of marble you can find the market includes white with gray or black veins, black, pink, blue and green. The texture of marble is very smooth because it is usually manufactured with satiny polished finished or high gloss polished finish.

Travertine has a more natural textured look with visible pores. However, some manufacturers sands down and seals the stone to make it smooth and suitable as material for sink basins and countertops. Sealant is used on travertine to prevent debris from penetrating the smoothness and softness of the stone. Travertine stone usually comes in warm colors from the lightest white or cream to beige, gold, brown and sometimes red. You will notice slight variations in color and pattern that keeps them from looking too identical.

Natural travertine stone costs more than cultured marble but it is more cost effective than natural marble. However, the price of the beautiful stone tiles also depends on its quality and the initial seal placed by the manufacturer to ensure its resistance to wear and tear, stains and scratching. If you are going for stone in your wash basin, choose travertine because it is easy to clean by wiping with a damp cloth.

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