How You Can Get A Clean Hotel Room

Finding a good hotel is important when you are planning to go on a trip but you should probably know that a good hotel isn’t really much without a clean hotel room. Remember, when you are away from home, the next best thing you have close to it is a hotel room. Unfortunately, hundreds of other people from all over the world have surely slept there already that is why cleanliness is an important matter. Having a neatly folded bed does not mean that the room is fully sanitized. It only means that the bed is neatly folded, simple as that.

So, the question now is: “How do you make sure your hotel room is clean?”

To answer this question, you may refer to the items below.

  1. Check Out Reviews. To make sure you have a clean hotel room, the first that you should know, and understand, is that there are no international standard for hotel room cleanliness. That would mean no matter how much you pay, or what location or hotel you are in, it will not guarantee that you will have a clean room. Your only hope now is to seek out what your other fellow travelers are saying. Reviews from other travelers are probably the only thing you can trust when it comes to cleanliness. Luckily, most hotel review sites offer a cleanliness category so you could just immediately jump onto that.
  2. Now, you probably must’ve realized this before, but once you check into a room, make sure to have cleaning services replace your bedspread because there are a lot of hotels that do not frequently change their bedspreads after a guest leaves.
  3. Avoid them at all costs since there are no guarantees that they have been cleaned or replaced by hotel staff after the previous guest left.
  4. Bed Bugs. Although a hotel room should not have any of these insects, when you do see signs of bug infestation on your bed, make sure to call hotel services immediately, or in worst cases, pack up and leave. Signs would often include tiny brown stains under the bedspread or sheets.

No hotel can fully please you, especially when it comes to sanitation. But bear in mind that your own cleanliness is up to yourself that is why if you ever wander into a hotel in Tel Aviv or any other place you would be visiting; make sure you choose a good hotel that would be willing to cater to your cleaning needs.