Ideas To Spruce Up The Interiors Of A Home Using Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers can be used to give an instant makeover to the interiors of a home. These stickers can be customized in any shape and size to suit the requirements of the home and can be used on the walls and furniture to spruce the interiors.

Here are some quick tips to give a fresh twist to the interiors of a home using custom stickers in vinyl

  1. Use custom sticker to transform your plain looking old furniture. The vinyl stickers can be easily applied to any kind of smooth surface and it is a quick fix method to make old furniture pieces look interesting.
  2. Beautiful custom sticker can be used to frame a focal point. The vinyl stickers can be used as an intelligent option to highlight important aspects of design. They can be used on the ceiling to highlight a beautiful pendant light above the dining table or used on a wall to frame a focal point.
  3. Sticking beautifully designed custom stickers on glass doors improves the safety. The stickers help the residents to identify when a glass door is closed. The stickers are transparent and do not obstruct the view.
  4. Vinyl stickers can be used to decorate the walls of the home. Since they can be customized to any shape and size, homeowners can get customized stickers to suit the theme of the house.

Tips to install vinyl stickers at your home

  1. Do not apply stickers on a freshly painted wall. Wait for at least three weeks before applying stickers on a freshly painted wall.
  2. Open the packaging of the stickers to eliminate the creases.
  3. Warm temperature will speed up the installation process.
  4. When applying stickers on a glass surface, wet it using soap water. This will make the process of installation easy as the water allows easy movement of the vinyl sticker on the glass.
  5. Remove air bubbles from the sticker using a sharp plastic credit card. Do the task carefully and take care not to damage the sticker.
  6. Once the custom sticker is installed, remove any air bubbles using a hair dryer. Heat the adhesive on the sticker with a hairdryer and rub on the sticker gently with a clean cloth.