Introduction To Programmable LED Strip Lights

If you haven’t explored the beauty of LED strip lights then you might be surprised how it can be a great addition to any project. LEDs will give your project not just bright but colourful lights and there are types that can be customized. Purchasing in strips is more convenient especially if you have to solder them.

There are many different kinds of LED strip lighting available on the market but there are three major categories:

  • Single colour LED strips that are non-addressable. This is the most basic types for those who are not familiar with LED strip lighting. There are many colours to choose from and it is best used in fixed locations where bright and colourful lighting is needed. These are usually mounted under furniture to create a nice glow or it can be installed in home theatres for indirect lighting source. It is cheaper, comes in variety of colours and brightness.
  • RGD strips lights that are non-addressable. These are strip lights that come in RGB colour and may be changed in a dynamic pattern. If you want to foster different moods then it is the most suitable lighting for projects. This is more expensive compared to the singe coloured ones and it needs a microcontroller. If you prefer, there are pre-made kits that can be purchased for convenience.
  • RGD strip lights that are addressable. It is the type of LED strip light that can be customized, controlled and the best there is. These strips have the ability to change colours just like the second category but the difference is that every LED has a chip which makes it possible to control it individually. This is the most expensive type and a microcontroller is needed to fully appreciate its functions.

If you are going to purchase LED strips then you must know that they are powered by a direct current source and they require different voltages depending on the strip. Look at the specs of the strips you are buying before paying for it. Make sure that you have the right power source to power the strip if you buy a 12v led strip lighting.