Kho Samui – A Perfect Place For Destination Wedding

Destination weddings have become an attractive alternative to the traditional wedding that often takes place close to home. Aside from the romance of holding the wedding in an exotic place like Kho Samui, destination weddings reduce the usual stress that accompanies a traditional wedding. Kho Samui is not only perfect for destination weddings; it can also be the best place for your honeymoon.

Kho Samui is a tropical beach paradise for both wealthy holidaymakers and budget travellers. The white sandy beaches with a relaxed atmosphere are simply perfect for a destination wedding. Since each of the beaches and towns of Kho Samui are offering something different to wedding couples, it makes sense to absorb as much information as you can before making a decision.

Chaweng Beach is a lively resort town that is close to the airport. The beach itself is most people’s idea of paradise particularly with the large span of white sand, nodding palm trees and the beautiful clear sea. Your wedding can be lively and exciting because Chaweng Beach is a place to party.

Lamai is similar to Chaweng Beach but on a smaller scale. Like Chaweng, holding your wedding in Lamai can be fun and exciting because of the cheerful atmosphere. If you are budget conscious, Lamai is the ideal place for your destination wedding considering that many great bargains can still be found.

Bohput on the other hand, displays the heritage of Kho Samui. Traditional Thai-Chinese shops are interspersed with boutique shops and retro restaurants. If you want a location with a good combination of community feel and sophistication, Bohput is the right place for your wedding.

Big Buddha’s clientele is composed of budget travellers and backpackers. Accommodation options are middle-range but it is good option for a relaxing and quiet vacation. Since the general ambience is wholesome and family-friendly, Big Buddha can be an ideal place for your wedding.

An important aspect of your wedding is photography but it is addressed by the presence of Destination Photographer in Samui. The romance and excitement of your wedding can easily be captured so that you will have memories to cherish for a lifetime.