Making A Choice Between Original Equipment Or Aftermarket Tyres

When you shop for a tyre, you are usually required to provide vehicle information. It is very likely to see a tyre marked “Original Equipment” which means it is the tyre that the vehicle manufacturer chose to go with the car when it was brand new. Is this the right tyre for your vehicle or is there another option?

Auto manufacturers and tire manufacturers have a certain type of partnership wherein tyres with specific characteristics are developed according to the performance features of the car. For example, a luxury car manufacturer may opt for a tyre that complements the plush interiors and quiet ride. Most hybrid models of cars have eco-friendly, low resistance tyre while a sports car usually includes tyres that can perform excellently when making those tight corners or straight-line acceleration.

When you visit a tyre store, you will notice different types of tyres on display that were specifically manufactured for a certain car brand like the Honda or the Accord. If you have been driving on OE tyres and you are satisfied with the performance, you may want to buy the same type of tyre when the old worn out tyres need replacement. Remember that the tyres were manufactured to complement ride comfort, low noise or sporty handling.

On the other hand, it you want to change to another type of tyre that is more fuel efficient and allows for a quieter ride, you may want to checkout aftermarket discounted tyres. The way you shop for the OE tyres is the same with the aftermarket tyres. You simply provide the vehicle information and the qualities you require like so that a suitable tyre can be matched with your car. There are aftermarket tyres that can boast of ultra high performance with focus on exceptional handling and low noise.

Another option is tyre shops in Gold Coast that offer quality tyres for competitive prices. A member of the staff will be in assistance to share years of knowledge and expertise in ensuring that the vehicle tyres are precision tested and tailored to your requirements for performance and safety. Every brand of tyre imaginable is available.