My Little Pony And The Birth Of An Unexpected Fandom

TV shows always make a mark in the lives of many individuals. They become a part of a person’s life as they not only entertain their viewers but also teach them valuable lessons. Some shows have made a huge impact on people that they develop a significant following in the form of fans. Some even develop a fan base with an immeasurable amount of fans.

Most cartoons and animated shows have the biggest fan bases. This is because they are the shows that most people grew up with. A good example of these cartoons is the My Little Pony franchise. The My Little Pony series have been in existence since the 80s and the franchise is still alive today. This show, revolving around animated ponies that represent all the good in the world, has attracted millions of little girls around the world. What girl would not fall in love with the show?

Initially, the targets of the series are the small little girls and the parents who watch with them but ever since the release of My Little Pony: Magic is Friendship last 2010, it gave rise to an unexpected fandom called the Bronies.
If you don’t know about the Bronies yet, you would be surprised to learn that they are all grown men who watch the show intended for girls. The birth of the Bronies came as a shock to most of the world. There was an overflow of criticism, judgment and cyber bullying to those men who consider themselves proud Bronies.

The severity of the treatment of these men had become so intense that one guy had committed suicide. This, however, only strengthened the bond of the Bronies. Soon after, their fan base had become so vast that they even held a gathering called a “Bronycon” so that Bronies from different states could join up and express their love of the show.

The fandom had produced a number of fan fictions that could equal the original franchise itself in terms of subscribers. Different merchandise has also been sold such as My Little Pony clothes, hoodies and pajamas.

When asked as to why they cling to the show, their answers would be because of the diversity being provided the My Little Pony series and how every character can seem to relate to a number of people. Bronies had said that they pick up many values and lessons from the show and that the show makes them a better person.

Although harsh judgment is being thrown at the Bronies, it is safe to say that this group has definitely shown strength in number and standing up to what you want. There is never a thing that can satisfy you the most than being happy to do what you like.