My Most Memorable Experience Of Learning To Sail

I discovered the Canary Islands when I visited Tenerife during one of its traditional festivities. It was a whole new experience because of the favorable weather conditions and the party atmosphere. However, one of my most memorable experiences was learning basic sailing and seamanship through Rya Sailing Courses.

With the Rya Sailing Courses, I became an active participant in the sailing holiday. From my point of view, it is different when you know the intimate details of a boat and how it relates to different elements in the environment. On my next sailing holiday, I can appoint myself as the skipper and gain a new experience. Perhaps, I can take a more advanced sailing course later to broaden my knowledge and learn more about sailing larger boats.

On the other hand, there are a few things everyone should know if they are planning a sailing holiday in the Canary Islands. The temperature is very favorable at 20 degrees during summer but wintertime has winds coming mainly from the northwest with an average wind speed of about 4 knots. If you are not prepared for challenges, I suggest a sailing holiday during summer to have a smooth and fun experience. However, sailboat holiday rates during summer can be extremely expensive because it is the peak season.

Bareboat sailing holiday in the Canaries was one of my best experiences. It was my first taste of being a skipper. The skills I learned from Rya Sailing Courses were finally put to a test. However, I also hired an experienced crew because it was winter and I was not yet too confident of my new skills. While I love challenges, it is safer to have someone beside me to take care of the boat.

Everywhere in the Canaries is a theme of simplicity without the concrete jungle that we are too familiar with back home. Lanzarote has that volcanic atmosphere like it has just experienced an eruption. However, it has spectacular sandy beaches without a mass of people. The Canary Islands is also one of the best places for snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing and windsurfing.