Packing Tips For Travellers To Thailand

Thailand welcomes millions of visitors every year because of the top rated tourist destinations and beach resorts. In the tourism industry, the experience of visitors is very important that is why Thailand makes sure visitors enjoy the hospitality of the people. Besides that, Thailand ensures that there are accommodations to suit everyone’s needs from the 5-star hotels to the luxury beachfront villas in Hua Hin that caters to high-endtravellers.

If this is your first time to visit a tropical country in Southeast Asia, make sure to pack the right clothes and accessories. Bringing a wrong pair of shoes that cannot be used in the beach can make a difference in the quality of your vacation.

The best type of shoes that you can bring to Thailand is the waterproof and comfortable slip on, not hiking boots or strappy sandals. You have to remove the shoes before entering a temple and it would be highly impractical and time consuming if you have to unlace the shoes at the numerous temples that you will visit.

There are more than 10,000 7-Eleven convenience stores all over Thailand where you can buy bottles of mineral water. However, if you are environmentally conscious and want to minimize the amount of plastics in landfills, bring your own refill bottles. Filtered water is available in Thailand for just a few cents.

Rainy season in Thailand is from May to October; however, there is also the possibility of a sudden rain shower during the summer months. To be on the safe side, always bring a lightweight, rain jacket to prevent you from being drenched. It makes sense to bring a lot of comfortable summer clothes but do not overlook the importance of a jacket or sweater. You will need something warm during the flight and when travelling on theair-conditioned buses.

Meanwhile, before you start packing t-shirts and loose pants, make sure you have booked your accommodations. It is suggested to book a room at luxury beachfront villas in Hua Hin through their website to enjoy discounts and exclusive privileges. Early check-in and late check-out is a convenience offered to guests at the resort.