Tips To Pick The Right Charter Transport Company

Tips To Pick The Right Charter Transport Company

Hiring the services of charter transport companies is a fast and economical way of commuting to airport and other tourist destinations in a city. Most of the chartered transport companies provide airport pickup and drop services, along with local sightseeing trips.

However, it is very important to choose the right charter transport services for a safe and memorable trip. Consider the following factor before choosing a charter transport company to take care of your transportation needs.

  1. The safety record of the company providing charter transport services is very important. Conduct a background check of the company and talk to local friends or colleagues to know about the safety record of the company.
  2. The company should have proper license to carry out the charter transport services. Enquire the company about all the other permits and licenses required to operate in specific locations like airports and toll roads.
  3. The condition and age of the coaches is also an essential factor to consider. All the coaches used for the transport should be in good operating condition. Opt for a company that has modern coaches with enough leg room and temperature control facilities.
  4. Look for the cleanliness and hygiene standards of the coaches. The chartered transport services company should maintain world class hygiene standards in its coaches.
  5. Know about the additional amenities offered in the coach beforehand. Talk to the representatives of the company to know about the different amenities available on the coach.
  6. The license and background of the driver is equally important. Ask for information about the training and licensing of the drivers and also know about the driver’s experience. The drivers of the coaches should have enough rest periods to ensure the safety of the coach.
  7. References play an important role in selecting the charter transport company. Ask for references from family and friends, who have travelled to the particular destination or conduct an online search to read the testimonials and feedback of the previous clients of the company.
  8. The price of the airport transfers and other charter transport services is also important factor that aids to select the right transport company. Compare the prices of two or three reputed transport provider and select the company, which offers best services at competitive prices.
Popular Activities For Tourists In Rayong

Popular Activities For Tourists In Rayong

Rayong is a popular tourist getaway in Thailand. The city is a two hour drive from the Suvarnabhumi international airport and forty five minutes’ drive from the Utapao international airport. The city is an ideal spot for a peaceful beach vacation away from the touristy and crowded beaches of Pattaya and other popular tourist destinations.

The city is popular with the local Thai families and students, who frequent the place during weekends and holidays. Tourists visiting the quiet city can stay at the holiday Inn hotel in Rayong and enjoy the world class amenities of the hotel.

Students visit the city for its happening nightlife along the Ratbumrung road and the Rayong brewery. These places have a collection of pubs, bars, night clubs, restaurants, karaoke bars and live concerts with popular DJs. Travellers staying at the holiday inn hotel in Rayong can enjoy at the CU lounge bar and the pool bar, which serve a selection of well stocked wines and premium alcoholic beverages.

Rayong is popular for its delicious sea-food. There are many restaurants and street food stalls in the city that serve mouth-watering sea food preparations. Baan Pae is one of the popular places to enjoy freshly cooked seafood like crabs, prawns and sea bass. The brasserie, an upscale restaurant in the holiday inn hotel in Rayong serves the best seafood and western cuisine.

Rayong is renowned for fruit farming and it is the best place to shop for fresh and preserved fruit treats. Tourists visiting the city can shop for fresh tropical fruits, fruit candy and dried mango at the fruit markets. Tourists looking to buy, fresh or preserved seafood can shop at the markets in Baan pae. Tourists can also shop for handmade crystal ornaments and handicrafts made of reed in Rayong markets.

Rayong is the perfect place to be for golfing enthusiasts. It has many well designed golf courses. Island hopping, diving and snorkelling are some of the popular tourist activities in Rayong. Tourists can stay at the holiday inn hotel in Rayong and enjoy the lazing around the peaceful and pristine beaches. They can venture out to enjoy the sun, sand and sea or spend time at the hotel and enjoy the views of the ocean from their suites and rooms.

The Best Way To Get Currency Exchange Canada When Traveling

The Best Way To Get Currency Exchange Canada When Traveling

Not many people know the best ways to exchange money; however, you can be asked by one when they need it the most. There has been a need for great deals of flights and hotels, and the easiest way to make a currency exchange Canada is to know how the exchange rates will cost you.

A couple of years ago, the Canadian dollar was at par with the US dollar; however, such currency is now at its historic lows. When Brexit happened, the English pound dropped in value, which made it an easy opportunity for those wanting to visit the UK. The main point is having the currency exchange Canada variable most of the time, and that there is nothing we can really do about it. Rather than concentrating on the exchange rates, why not try to minimize the fees that we pay.

Exchange Options When You Need Cash

Banks – If you were to exchange currency in big banks in Canada, well to tell you honestly, it may not be   great idea. Unless you’re getting US dollars, the banks can charge a large premium for exchanging the money. Besides, you’ll also need to order the currency in advance if you’re choosing banks for the exchange.

Foreign Exchange Offices – This can get a bit tricky as every exchange office can offer various rates. If you were to choose currency exchange Canada in airports and malls, they usually don’t give you good rates. They also make commissions out of the higher rates they offer. But even then, there are exchange bureaus where you can get competitive rates. The key is to know how much the exchange rate is, so you can have a fair computation of rates.

ATMs – Local teller machines may be the cheapest way to exchange Canadian currency. Primarily the ATMS will charge a spot rate plus around 2.5%. The extra charge is known as a foreign transaction fee and should not be avoided. The home bank and the specific machine may also charge you a one-time fee of up till $5, which can be something to consider for the overall costs. The best way to exchange money while minimizing costs is to withdraw your daily limit from a bank that partners the ATM.

Before you head to currency exchange Canada, ensure that you have overview on how much the exchange rate is. You can check online for information about the current foreign exchange options for travelers.

Marquee As The Best Option For A Corporate Event                                 

Marquee As The Best Option For A Corporate Event                                 

Many companies today hold yearly corporate events to recognize the contributions of their employees towards the continuing success of the business. When planning a corporate event it is important to consider the number of employees and whether they can be accommodated by an events venue. An option is marquee hire in Brisbane so that the event can be held outdoors where there is more space.

A perception of organization and efficiency can be projected by a corporate event when it is held in an impressive venue. Marquees offer the ultimate in flexibility and a practical way to boost the corporate image. By using a marquee for the corporate event, you can source out your own catering services and drink providers. You can choose the location you want as long as it is a flat surface that allows the installation of a marquee.

Personalization is another advantage of hiring a marquee. You have complete control to add several features like carpets, dance floor or a stage for a band. Sometimes, you can simply use the grass which is already there instead of requesting for carpeted or hardwood flooring. You can also opt for marquees that have windows so that the attendees can enjoy the outdoor view and the fresh air.

Seating arrangements will depend on your requirements. The tables and chairs can be easily arranged to achieve a formal or a relaxed environment. Lighting will also be installed based on your requirements. For an evening event, chandeliers can be requested as well as muted lighting to achieve an elegant and sophisticated ambience. For daytime events, natural sunlight can be supplemented by different types of artificial lighting.

There are a huge range of marquees available for hire for product launches, exhibitions, training and seminars or presentations. The size will depend on the number of attendees. You can also opt for smaller tents for catering, restrooms and temporary offices.

As a leading company in Australia, marquee hire in Brisbane is proud to present sustainable shelter solutions to achieve the genuine WOW factor. Aside from the marquee, non-slip flooring, lighting, furniture and sound systems are also offered. Support is provided for all your needs.

What You Should Know When Preferring Bathroom Tiles Online

What You Should Know When Preferring Bathroom Tiles Online

You need to consider so many things when opting for bathroom tiles online for your home. First, you may want to create a theme or mood for the bathroom, to provide you with daily shower steam,and your kids joyfully splashing with water. You can even use it to break a tiresome day at work. So, there is a need to choose the right tiles carefully to get the best designs. You may also choose a colour that make or break your bathroom. So below are few tips to get you started in your search for tiles:

  • Floor Tiles

When you opt for bathroom tiles online, you need to remember durability and safety of the floor especially on wet conditions. You need to clean it regularly to make it look great. You will need to consider the bathroom size and the type of tiles to use. If you like something for damp places and are easy to clean, choose ceramic tiles. You can also repaint them when stained or whenever needed.

  • Shower Tiles

You may want a tile that can inspire you or something that invites you to shower. Just like the bathroom tile, shower tiles must be moisture friendly as they can get exposed to water. You can choose porcelain tiles as they don’t scratch easily and are not very absorbent. You may also opt for ceramic tiles as they are water resistant.

  • Wall Tiles

If you want to tile your walls, you need to consider fittings like light switches, sinks and vanities. Choose a tile that will complement the design of the bathroom. If your bathroom is large, you may want the latest trends using large tiles. However, for smaller bathrooms, install light coloured tiles as they make it bigger and brighter. You can also use similar colours of tiles for the walls and floor for a uniform effect.

Nowadays, bathroom tiles online can come in a variety of options in the market. You need to consider a material that doesn’t weareasily, can be properly maintained, and the shape and size of the tile that’s perfect to choose. You also want to save choosing the tiles, so it’s great to be wise on choices.

How To Avoid The Common Mistakes When Buying The First Bike

How To Avoid The Common Mistakes When Buying The First Bike

Buying a motorcycle must not be on impulse; it should be a well though decision. You do not just decide to buy a motorcycle because you were convinced by a friend. Take your time and analyze options carefully. Visit the Suzuki motorcycle dealers to see whether there is a model that will suit your requirements.

What is your purpose for buying a motorcycle? Do you need a bike for daily commute or for off-road adventures with your friends? Once you have identified your purpose, you will able to choose the size accordingly. For daily commute, the 70 cc scooter is a good option but for heavier sports riding, you can go for the 1000 cc and above.

If you are commuting with a family member, the sporty-designed bike may not be your best option. The sports bike has an aggressive leaned over riding position with handlebars that are situated below the rider’s chest while the feet are tucked behind the body.

One of the most important factors in the choice of a motorcycle is engine performance. Engines range from 100cc to more than 2000cc. The 150cc bikes are good enough when riding with family while the 350cc to 500cc can be used for serious biking. The 1000cc and above are for the more experienced and serious riders who have honed their skills from many years of riding.

One of the common mistakes of buyers is the failure to consider their physical size. Some bikes are designed for tall people whose feet can comfortably reach the pavement when stopped. To ensure that the motorcycle is not too small or too big for your body, try sitting on a variety of models and designs. Don’t forget to test drive.

Choose a motorcycle that has impressive fuel economy so that you can enjoy substantial fuel savings. If you are buying a bike for the first time, seek for advice from your more experienced friends or family members.

One of the best things about owning a motorcycle is the opportunity to customize it according to your requirements. At the Suzuki motorcycle dealers, there are endless opportunities to accessorize your motorcycle through the parts department with trained technicians.

Things To Do And Places To See In Rayong

Things To Do And Places To See In Rayong

Rayong is a recent discovery for tourists in Thailand, only having been considered a worthy destination in the past couple of years. Most of the time, the people that come through here or book hotel suites in Rayong are only on their way to the more popular destinations nearby. But that’s been changing.

And here’s some of the attractions and activities that explain why.

Island adventure

There are many tiny islands outside Rayong, like the popular KohSamet. The islands are far enough from the capital to feel totally different, but close enough to be a good weekend destination. It’s fairly common for people to book hotel suites in Rayong just to get to the islands, which is no surprise as they’re great for water activities, with nature and traditional culture that’s remained mostly untouched for years.

Getting to Koh Samet is as simple as paying 100 Baht for a ferry, while the other islands needs a bit more investment, with speedboats that can carry 5 to 20 people costing anywhere from 3,500 to 6,500 Baht, depending on the size of the vessel and the number of people.

Zip line fun

Rayong has, hidden amidst its verdant greenery, one of the longest zip lines in all of Asia. Ok, it used to be the longest, but someone went and one-upped it, but it’s still a marvel, with a total length of 3 kilometres, sending daring travellers zooming past the tree-filled hillsides. If you’re not the type to be scared of heights, the zip line’s just a few kilometres from Mae Rampheung Beach, about 10 minutes of driving.

The Princess’s Garden

A garden attraction presented to Her Royal Highness Princess MahaChakriSirindhorn on 18 April 1985, this wonderful slice of peace was established by the PTT Public Company Limited (PTT), with work on it taking a year to complete. The 60-rai garden bears the name of the princess it was given to, and received more plants in honor of the princess’s 50th Birthday Anniversary, back in 2006. A place to visit for those who enjoy greenery and herbs, it’s located on Highways No. 36 and No. 3191, in the NikhomPhatthana sub-district.

See some seafood.

Rayong is known for being a fisherman’s haven, and it stands to reason that there’s quite a few seafood restaurants in the region. It’s the country’s biggest fishing port, so many don’t consider a trip to Rayong, an actual trip to Rayong before sampling some of the seafood, in places like Ban Phe, or Mae Rampheung Beach Road.