Pattaya Nightlife

For most people, when night falls, it’s time to head for home, maybe enjoy some peace and quiet whilst watching TV, cup of coffee in hand. A nice, quiet evening, all cosy and relaxing.

Well, that isn’t the case in Thailand. People visit Thailand for its natural sites, historical wonders and the other usual wonders you go abroad for.  All of it sounds fairly generic, so some of you might wonder what makes Thailand so attractive. Well, aside from its exceptionally beautiful beaches, there’s the nightlife. Sukhumvit is the nightlife capital of Bangkok, filled with shops, stores, and cinemas and home to the EmDistrict, it’s the liveliest place in night-time Thailand. That can be a little hard to notice, on account of the simple fact that in every major Thailand city, it’s quite lively, to say the least.

From one of those suite rooms in Pattaya, it’s easy to see the glowing neon lights, pulsing brightly amidst the night skies. The energy is palpable, easily felt from a fair distance, as if the heavy heat of the all of the goings-on on the ground propagates, attracting people into the storm of music, and food.

If you can’t resist and head down, you’ll be bombarded by all sorts of stimuli. The streets are packed, especially if you head to Pattaya Walking Street. You’ll be lucky to swing your arm without hitting someone, let alone drive a motorcycle through here (don’t try it, that’s illegal; street’s closed to motor vehicles starting 6pm). The lights shine bright; the people are in constant motion.

You’d be forgiven for wondering how everyone’s so lively so late into the night. See, in Thailand, things don’t get exciting until the sun goes down.

Where there once cars passing through, now there are street-side restaurants, cafés and bars. It feels so different than in daytime. Somehow there’s more life. It might sound a little crazy, but to me, Thailand feels so nocturnal. Sure, there’s a lot of goings on during the day, but nothing compares to what goes on at night.

Well, it seems like I’ll have to schedule my sleep for the next few days. From these suite rooms in Pattaya, the day seems a little disappointing, honestly.